Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme Challenge

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  • Raleigh,
    North Carolina,
    United States
  • February
  • 5 miles/8K
  • Road Race
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Randy Birnschein

Evington, Virginia, United States
21 21
"The ultimate test of intestinal fortitude"
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Randy Birnschein's thoughts:

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a race that should be experienced by all. Such child-like joy and excitement! The thought of running 2.5 miles, then consuming a dozen donuts, followed by 2.5 miles back the way you came sounds horrible but it's so worth trying. There is a "challenger" entry as well as a "casual runner" so you have the option of not making a pig of yourself with the donuts. There's a costume contest as well and people bring their "A" game for it. I've run the KKC 8 times and don't intend to miss it any time soon.

Donuts: Delicious! The "hot light" isn't on and it's the middle of winter, but they are as fresh as it gets.

Course: Nothing to write home about. It's from the NC State campus to the donut shop and there isn't a whole lot to see. There are a few hills, but nothing too scary. I wouldn't worry, because you have no chance at a 5 mile PR with those donuts involved.

Expo: Not much to it at all. Like nothing to it. They sell some KKC gear and that's about all there is.

Shirt: The shirts can be clever but for 7 of my 8 years it's been a white cotton T-shirt with green lettering. 2017 was a white cotton T-shirt with black lettering.

Finisher Medal: They've only had finisher medals once in all of my times running the race and you had to pay $5 extra for it. Not a bad deal since the early entry was only $20. The medal is pretty awesome though.

To reiterate, you will not regret running this race if you like donuts and have a soul. So much fun!

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