Kirkland Shamrock Run

Kirkland Shamrock Run

Kirkland Shamrock Run

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  • Kirkland,
    United States
  • March
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Issaquah, Washington, United States
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Amy 's thoughts:

I'm the kind of wonderful daughter who buys (forces) her dad race registration for his birthday, Christmas, you name it. For his second 5k (and Christmas present), I figured I'd coax Pops into a race by suggesting that there might be beer at the end of the finish line. It worked!

The Kirkland Shamrock Run is only in its third year, and each year it has grown immensely. I am super impressed with how race management has handled the growth; opening up three different locations to pick up packets early on three different days was a huge step forward. Unfortunately, there was a huge number of day-of registrations and packet pick-ups, which ended up pushing us at least 15 minutes late to start. Standing on concrete isn't everyone's favorite activity, especially when amped up to run!

The course is a blast, with some serious (okay, serious for a 5k) hills and pretty views of Seattle if you can see through the cloud cover. Volunteers were stationed along the sidelines (and BOY were there a bunch of them) reminding us to stay off the sidewalks and also that we were awesome. There was a particularly exuberant pair of girls by the car wash that put a little extra pep in my step!

I wasn't running this race for any records, so it was fun to take a look around and see the other runners enjoying a fun (but timed) race. This race allows walkers, dogs, and strollers, so there were obstacles aplenty (especially when stroller mom decided she needed to be right in front of me), but the race managers staggered the starts as best they could with such a crowd.

All in all, a fun race to work off that pint of Harp or Guinness the weekend before St. Paddy's Day. I wouldn't bet on any PRs due to the elevation, but you'll at least have a good time working on your calves!

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