Indy Women's Half Marathon

Indy Women's Half Marathon

Indy Women's Half Marathon

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  • Indianapolis,
    United States
  • June
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Caroline P.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
53 15
"A Fun Strugglefest"
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Caroline P.'s thoughts:

The first thing I want to mention about this race is that in 2015 they've moved the race date to September, so they shouldn't be dealing with the summer heat the way he did in 2014.
I knew that the heat and humidity were going to be the controlling factors as we drove down to the race start, which happened in Monument Circle. Race start temperature was about 60 degrees with 92% humidity, but we knew the temperature was going to shoot up quickly, but of course this isn't anything that the race officials could control.
We simply lined up by our estimated finish times, and there were pacers who planned to run holding the pace signs throughout the race. It wasn't stressful at all at the race start, and because it is a smaller race, everything went smoothly. The first 5 miles flew by, and the pacer was fantastic.
That's when things started to go south, but only because of the heat. My friend and I had to walk a LOT because it was hot. At one point I looked as far as I could in front of and behind me, and every single person was walking due to the heat. Not great, right?
Around mile 7 there is a BEAST of a hill, and I ended up walking through most of the entire thing.
There were hydration stations almost every mile, which was nice. However, due to the heat, the water was pretty warm the entire second part of the race. I grabbed a cup of water at each station, but only to throw down my back. I gagged trying to keep it down. The powerade remained good throughout the entire race, and I drank that exclusively the entire second half. I had luckily brought a hand held with nuun in it, and I drank that throughout the race too. The heat just felt intolerable at times.
The course was fine, but nothing too exciting. There was very little crowd support along the course, which made keeping up my excitement in the heat just that much more difficult.
Overall I did enjoy the race, and would sign up for it again since it's going to be in the fall. I think I would've ended up enjoying the race much more if it hadn't been so warm.
At the finish line there were all sorts of goodies, including water, cookies, pizza, chips, bananas, etc... I loved it! Because it was an all women's race, there were also men there giving out roses. How sweet, right?

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