Hamilton Marathon-road2hope

Hamilton Marathon-road2hope

Hamilton Marathon-road2hope

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  • hamilton,
  • November
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Windsor, Canada
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"You get a BQ, You Get a BQ, Everyone get's a BQ!!"
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Jeph 's thoughts:

Known for being Canada's fastest marathon, this really lives up to it's name. I was looking for a fast race, so I signed up. There's about 7km (4 miles) of running downhill on the half and full marathon courses. The rest is flat, so get ready for a PR.
Set up in tents, it's an outdoor expo. There wasn't a ton there so I didn't stay long. When I went to pick up my shirt, it was nice they had long sleeves, but they didn't have my size. There seemed to be an abundance of XL and S. I feel like that could be better organized. Parking was super easy though for both the expo and the race, all in the same location. For the full and half marathon, you got shuttled to the start and your bags were brought back to the finish which is where you parked. Super easy, super convenient.
There is some space to hangout indoors before the race which is nice in November. However, it was a perfect day this year, so we lucked out. The race is not very scenic, nor are there a lot of spectators. For the first half of the race, you are pretty much in farm land. for about 3 of the first 10k, you run along Ridge Road which overlooks Hamilton, Lake Ontario and you can see Toronto floating in the distance. It was pretty amazing, but that's about it for the first half. The second half you are on a closed section of highway for the first part of it which again, isn't the greatest view. About 10 of the last 14k are along Lake Ontario which becomes a nice view with tons of spectators. However, the last 10k of a marathon you're not too interested in the view.
Aid stations were every 3k or so and offered Nuun and water. It was supposed to be water first, Nuun second but a lot were mixed and some volunteers didn't speak up to what they had. I was constantly asking as I approached. Also, when the amount of spectators increased, there was a lot more people crossing the route or just walking along it as if there wasn't a race happening, which was kinda weird.
Although the first half had a lack of scenery, it almost felt like an uneventful long run which helped take my mind off the fact that I was racing. It took away the pressure and made it more enjoyable. The other runners were great and for the first time ever, I actually chatted with runners throughout a chunk of it. I wouldn't have expected less spectators and boring views to help, but I think they really did.
The course is fast. It was my 2nd marathon in 6 weeks, and ever. I beat my first time by 22 minutes and got a BQ. The medal is pretty awesome and free massages are available. That's worth the price right there. Great post race festivities and a fun finish line.
Definitely somethings they could improve on, but if you're looking for a BQ or PR, I'd highly recommend this race!

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