• Los Angeles,
    United States
  • July
  • 5 miles/8K, Relay
  • Trail Race
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Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Hot But Worth it!"
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Kate 's thoughts:

First off, let me remind you that July in Los Angeles is not exactly racing weather. The 7am start found temps that were manageable for the first leg but hot for the rest.

The gist: Teams of 5 run a 5-ish mile loop around Griffith Park, passing a baton to each other to signal the next person's go. Times are added up for group

Course: It's a mix of fireroad and road, which isn't very exciting, but the scenery in Griffith is generally beautiful so that makes up for it. There's a little bit of hill work but it isn't terribly challenging or long up. The second half is mostly downhill and you end on a pretty charge-worthy down. I think there were 2 aid stations, for water/electrolytes, which wouldn't be necessary except it's summer running so they were very good to have.

Atmosphere: wild. Ragnar-esque. Tents, lawn chairs, everyone hanging out in the Old LA Zoo area. Fun. Everyone is friends with or becomes friends with each other. It's an ultimate community experience. THIS IS WHY YOU RUN THIS RACE. Anyone who's into the LA running scene should have eyes on this one.

I wouldn't do this again because running in the summer is hard enough and racing is mehhhh. But...it was SUCH A FUN RACE and such a good thing to be a part of. So I will, in spite of myself.

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