Freakin Fast Half

Freakin Fast Half

Freakin Fast Half

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  • Boise,
    United States
  • July
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Mary Lee

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
4 11
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Mary Lee's thoughts:

This review really almost seems like a non issue since the race company has shut down. It was, frankly, a hot mess. I HATE leaving bad reviews, but this one deserves it. Communication was terrible and last minute. I traveled in from the midwest for this and so much changed last minute. Day before packet pickup was cancelled and you could only pick up a packet morning of the race. Ok. Fine. Leave enough time to do that though! The race was moved about 45 minutes outside of Boise (was supposed to be IN Boise) and they had buses for those of us in Boise to take. We took the bus, it stopped to pick up locals closer to the race, then went up to the top of the mountain. We had next to no time up there. There was not time to hit the porta potties AND pick up your bib. Luckily the race started a little late, but there still wasn't time to hit the porta pottie. I visited the first on I came across on the course. The scenery was beautiful. It really was. I need to spend more time in Idaho! The road was dirt and downhill, but not so much downhill that you had to constantly have the breaks on. That was good. But the road was open to traffic and I have athletic induced asthma. Not good. I thought I was going to die each time a car or truck blasted past. The people at the aid stations were super nice and they had plenty of supplies. That was also good. I was at the back of the pack and there was no trouble with aid stations staying open. It was all dirt road except the last mile. We were SOOOO happy to hit pavement and get out of the dust! Then we finish medals. A friend of mine begged and they gave us last year's medal. Unfortunately, if you didn't get one of last year's medals, you didn't get a medal and won't. They won't be sending any since the company went under. Remember how we were back of the pack? No shuttle to take us the 45 minutes back to Boise. Um....can we say stranded???? Fortunately, a really nice volunteer offered to drive us back to Boise. I was SOOO thankful! We were out in the middle of no where! I will say....the volunteers were all super nice. That (along with the scenery) was the best part of the race. I do really like Idaho and I'd like to go back to have a better experience there. I've heard amazing things about the Onward Shay Marathon - so hope to complete their half!

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