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    United States
  • August
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 50K
  • Trail Race
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Texas, United States
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"Not For The Beginner Runner, Great For The More Experienced"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management
Erin 's thoughts:

My brother wanted to go to Vegas for his 21st birthday, and this run just happened to be on those dates so I couldn't resist registering!

I loved the night start, seeing all of the runners lit up, and the opportunity to run through the area. I bought special light-up shoelaces and heel spurs to wear and they were a big hit! I didn't mind the small "expo"; I didn't purchase anything since I bought all of my glowy items before I flew in, but I appreciated all of the maps and everyone was very friendly.

I would only recommend this event for experienced runners, I would not recommend it for beginners or anyone that is not confident in their abilities.

- Awesome concept.

- Night Start (I personally LOVE running at night, so I was all about the night time running though I know others weren't). There aren't a ton of night road races.

- Fantastic location (it's what hooked me!) with pretty views (okay, so maybe they were mostly silhouettes but still!)

- STARS. You can see for miles and the stars and the moon are beyond beautiful. I spent lots of time looking at the sky instead of my feet.

- Runners are given glow items, and it is amazing to look back/forward and see all of the little lights along the path

- I loved the finish line/location; everyone there was so sweet and the food was great!

- Cute, glow-in-the-dark medal

- The weather is fantastic


- It felt hilly to me! It may have been the altitude change and the fact that I am used to running on very flat terrain, but it did feel rather hilly.

- I didn't personally experience this, but was told by someone else who had run the course that, when there was a bit of distance between her and another runner, there was a car that was making her uncomfortable.

- Snakes! We saw a couple of roadkill rattlers on the road; if snakes are a deal-breaker for you, this may not be the road for you

- Lack of course support was my biggest issue with this race. It is dark (obviously! part of the fun), and I think there needed to be more support out there OR maybe mention that support is limited. I only did the half, but at about mile 10 or so I found a girl laying on the ground in the dark. She had been vomiting and was scared. It was frustrating to not see a single bit of support until we got to the finish; neither she nor I had any cell service so we couldn't call for assistance and she desperately wanted to leave the course. I walked with her to the finish line, during which she told me this was her first half. I saw a bike official or two at the start of the race, but towards the back of the pack we didn't see any.

I accidentally rated the aid stations; to be fair, they are very clearly listed as refill stations and my handheld was more than sufficient

In case of TL;DR:
Great course for experienced runners, I would recommend beginning half-ers stay away.

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