Colt State Park Half Marathon

Colt State Park Half Marathon

Colt State Park Half Marathon

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  • Bristol,
    Rhode Island,
    United States
  • November
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Rhode Island, United States
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"Colt State Park Half--Looping to the finish!"
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Jeremy 's thoughts:

Bottom Line Up Front: I'm doing this again next year. Without a doubt!

I signed up for this race at the last moment... but was very pleansantly surprised by the entire event.

PRE-RACE: Packet-pick up was easy to get to and basic--get bib and shirt and a couple other grab-bag type items. There was no real expo to speak of... I was there less than 5 minutes and out.

PARKING: Since the race was at a park, there was PLENTY of parking. I arrived about 60 minutes prior to race start time of 0900hrs. I was able to park within 100yards of the start/finish. Most runners arrived after I did and still were able to find better parking than I have had for most any other race.

BATHROOMS: There were several porto-johns available for use...

COURSE: The start was a bit narrow and crowded. The park's road at that point was only wide enough for a single car and getting over 500 runners into that space was crowded, to say the least.

The rest of the course was beautiful...and fast. The route was comprised of 2 loops, each run 2 times (i.e. 4 total loops). The smaller of the two loops was about 1.5 miles and was done twice in a row. After the first two smaller loops the larger 5 mile loop was then done twice. Some people did not care for the looping aspect, however, I enjoyed that the race allowed me to recon the entire course WHILE I was running it! The added bonus was that you went by the start 4 times... and that means PEOPLE. CHEERING PEOPLE! Every lap was like the starting rush all over again! Morever, I knew EXACTLY what the finish was going to be like right down to the crack in the road. So, by the time I was really coming to the finish I had my line and was able to run the final hill and to the finish smartly.

I did not set out to run fast, but the course was easy to keep my pace. I PR'd and was absolutely not expecting that when I woke up that morning. I had heard the course was "flat and fast". I'll agree with "FAST", but there were some slight rolling hills and a good/fair climb around mile 6 (and 11 because it was in the larger loop--again, I ran it much better the second time because I knew where it was and how long it was). I'm hoping to set a land-speed record here next year!! (well...for me anyway).

FINISH: The finish was just off the road and toward the parking lot. It naturally narrowed...which was fine when I got there someone by myself. There was only 1 person handing out finisher medals and they were about 30 feet beyond the finish. It appeared they were trying to stay out of the way of the race photographer that was planted firmly in the middle of the finishing path...about 10 feet behind where I was sprinting my heart out! Again, fine when I get there by myself. It seemed a little more hectic when the finishers arrived in groups. Perhaps having more than 1 medal presenter and having them on both sides would have been more efficient/effective.

AID STATIONS: Of course, because of the loops, there were aid stations every couple miles. Well manned and enthusiastic supporters.

POST RACE: The race results were posted very quickly. The post race food was varied and abundant! (very good!!) Finally, the exit was not incumbered either... great parking upon arrival AND easy exit route that did not interfere with the course or any run/walkers still on the course.

The BLING: Yes... we all know, the joy of running is its own reward. But why not get some cool bling as well! The finishers medal was well made and solid. It was formed in the race logo and pretty large. Given the relatively cheap cost to run, I did not expect such a nice medal.

COST: Great cost. I registered within the last days prior to the race and had no problems AND paid less than I have for other races that I got the early registration discount to run.

I absolutely want to do this again next year. And because I get to loop past the starting point a few times, it is the rare race that permits my son to be there and cheer me on. I'm a big fan of this race.

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