• Chicago,
    United States
  • May
  • 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Kim Maves

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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"Great half!"
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Kim Maves's thoughts:

Overall, I thought it was a good race. I liked running through Jackson Park and running in a different part of the city. My watch calculated more than 13.1 miles and when I checked my split breakdown it was different than what I was calculating in my head from the miles marked on the course. I thought the finish line would be at the start so I started my kick a little too early. Oh well.

One complaint was the corrals. I should not have been passing people at mile 1 because they were walking. I was put in D. I did not see any pacers in my corral at all.

I do no't have any complaints with the aid stations, maybe have the volunteers be a little more spread out and make it consistent which one comes first water or gatorade.

The shirt is nice, other than that the goody bag was lacking, no virtual bag or anything else. Food after the race- I could have done without the fruit cup and substituted it for a banana. I love when the races have protein drinks after. Unless there was more food somewhere else that I missed. I'm not a big fan of pizza. But such is my diet.

That hill at mile 10 was fun.. at least I've ran on it before, but coming from the opposite direction.

The shuttles are nice, but I'm not taking public transportation and waiting for the bus at 5:00am, thankfully there was a $20 Uber code that took me down to the race site for $22. I took the shuttle to Millennium park to hop on the train home.

The medal was so so. I don't pick races because of the medals, but if I did I probably wouldn't pick this one.

I love that CARA had gear check. Always a nice touch.

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