Bubble Run

Bubble Run

Bubble Run

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  • Joliet,
    United States
  • May
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Illinois, United States
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"Such a FUN 5K!!!"
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Katie 's thoughts:

I had such an amazing time at The Bubble Run. It was a rainy day, but even that couldn't ruin my experience with this race, or the horrible traffic dilemma! I woke up at 8 AM waiting to hear on Facebook on whether they were going to cancel the event. Many racers were very upset on Facebook with the slow response time and waiting to hear if the race would be cancelled or not. I kept watching the weather outside and the rain eventually let up a bit. I ventured onto Instagram to look up the hashtag and to see people already waiting at the starting line 40 minutes before the first wave. I figured I would go ahead and get my family and myself ready to go and would head out there anyways seeing as how I live only 10 minutes away from the race location. When I got to the race location (Chicagoland Speedway) there was a HUGE traffic jam and everybody was arriving and waiting to park. It took us 45 minutes just to get into the race location to park!!! So, parking pretty much sucked! We had to pay $10 just to park in the field. The officials were waving cars into the field to park. The race was really fun... the crowd kind of made it hard to run, so I ran some of it and walked some it. Bubble bogs/stations are where you pass through the bubbles and foam. There was a wait for EVERY bubble bog we had to go through. The wait was between 5-10 minutes when I reached each bubble bog. Some of the bogs had a huge buildup of bubbles and it was as tall as me or even taller when there was a good buildup. I'm 5' 4". Others were pretty shallow. I'm assuming because we missed the buildup of the bubbles whereas with other bogs, we had perfect timing! The cotton t-shirts were nice and the headbands! Would of been nice had they included a medal with the swag, but that's just my opinion! Makes it that much more fun! Overall, they need to improve on parking, customer service response, bubble bog backup, wave times, and organization with packet pickup. In the end, I still recommend this race because it's so much fun despite the few problems and it was so much fun playing in the bubbles/foam and watching kids have the time of their lives :)

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