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Jessica Rudd

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"Keep your resolution with a thousand friends!"
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Jessica Rudd's thoughts:

ATC offers this 4, 1 mile, and 50m, race each New Year's Day. It's a great way to start off the New Year and is also the first race in the ATC Grand Prix. It also starts at 10am so you get to sleep off that New Years Eve hangover. I actually ran to the race from my house, and then had a great time hanging out with friends, enjoying the provided coffee and bagels (since I was standing around for 1.5hr sweaty and cold, the coffee was a life saver!), and then ran a surprisingly strong 4 mile race with some of my best running friends. It's definitely a hilly course, with some nasty hills in the last mile, but the neighborhood is nice with beautiful homes, and more people than is typical in Atlanta came out of their homes to cheer.

Access- Even though I ran to the start, the event starts in one of the city train stations so there's a huge parking area, or you can just take the train to the start (which is recommended)
Pre-Race - packet pickup at the start (this is the only time to get your bib). Bagels and coffee(yum!), DJ to keep everyone motivated and music, Coach Amy with the ATC training programs led an awesome warmup, Mizuno step-and-repeat with costumes and signs to write your resolutions
Swag- really nice, soft long sleeve t-shirt. The only problem people are having lately with ATC shirts is that they run REALLY small. Most ladies I know have been ordering XS and even those seem kinda big. I really like mine though and wore it all day after the race.
Race- a hilly one, but I feel like that goes without saying in any ATL race. Brookhaven is a beautiful neighborhood so you get to see great houses along the way
Finish- they had medals for any kids finishing the race. Super cute. Adults? Get over it; you don't need a medal for running 4 miles.

Cons - Since the start was at the train station it was sometimes difficult to hear announcements when a train went by. In fact, my friends and I were not aware that the 1 mile race started 15 minutes after the 4 (this info is posted on the website) so one of the girls ran the 1 mile by herself lol. She wasn't upset about it though.I feel I need to take 1 star for race management though for that reason.

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