26.2 with Donna

26.2 with Donna

26.2 with Donna

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  • Jacksonville,
    United States
  • February
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Megan Sullivan

Takoma Park, Maryland, United States
24 9
"Ten Years of Giving Bacl"
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Megan Sullivan's thoughts:

As someone with multiple family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, I'm often wary of these sorts of races. Where does the money go? Is it a sappy sort of event or is it more about empowerment? I am glad to say that this race meets all my requirements and more.

Far from being a sappy sort of event, this race is filled with lots of laughter, great costumes, and amazing spectators. Plenty of women (and men) who have been affected by breast cancer race, and they have the option to wear special "survivor" bibs. Lots of high fives for those folks, and it's always awesome to see people who are going through chemo and still getting out there.

This is a great race to push for a PR or to run and enjoy the scenery and the spectators. With the exception of the end of the race, it’s fairly flat. If you are a new half marathoner and aren’t sure how fast you can finish, this is a great race to try, as it’s got a 7 hour time limit for both the half and full, so no 3.5 hour time limit here. And if you want to see how much you can eat and drink during a course, these spectators have you covered. I’m pretty sure you could very easily get drunk while running this race if you wanted to.

Race morning was cool, but not cold. I was comfortable in my short sleeves. The pre-race area is great – plenty of porta-potties, a warming tent, and free coffee and donuts! Amazing!

The race starts with a wave-start, but the waves are self-seeded based on your estimated finish time. Half and full runners start together, which I love. And the best part? Each wave got its own cannon of confetti that just kept blowing. It’s great that everyone gets the fun of the start line, not just the fastest runners.

There were so many spectators out for this race. I loved it. Neighborhoods really get into it and it’s almost as if they’re competing to be the best neighborhood. The spectators cheering you up and over the bridge are absolutely the best.

Post race area was also awesome. Soda, water, beer, snacks, hot dogs… yum.

I continue to adore this race. I’ve gotten much more picky in the races I run, and this one will definitely stay on my schedule. It’s the sort of race where you can make it whatever you want, and runners of all levels are welcome.

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