Vermont City Marathon

Vermont City Marathon

Vermont City Marathon

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  • Burlington,
    United States
  • May
  • 26.2 miles/Marathon, Virtual Race, Relay
  • Road Race

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People's United Bank Vermont City Marathon takes place on Memorial Day Weekend each year. This is a fast and scenic course filled with all of the energy that 1700 volunteers and over 20,000 fans brings! Great course for first timers, family friendly, Boston Qualifier, amazing community support. Finishes on Lake Champlain in Waterfront Park. - 26.2 in the 802. Burlington, Vermont - Home of some of the best beer and food in the country if not the world.
Race date: Sunday, May 24, 2020
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Samantha Roderigues

Massachusetts, United States
25 29
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management
Samantha Roderigues's thoughts:

I REALLY enjoyed this race and would definitely like to do it again!

Swag included a nice tech tee, a colorful drawstring back, a cool medal, and AMAZING free race photos!!

Aid stations were about every two miles. I don’t think they missed a single segment. And in between aid stations were TONS of local made “aid stations”. My stomach wasn’t feeling my fuel or plain water after mile 17ish, but it honestly wasn’t an issue with how many locals were handing out ice pops and watermelon slices!

Most of the course was really pretty! Downtown was full of cool, old brick architecture, you ran along a scenic highway at one point, a lot of the time you were right by the water and it was hard not to stop and take pictures, and then you ended on the bike path again along the water!

I ended up only making the very end of the expo so I don’t know the swag level, but the volunteers were insanely nice and helpful with info about the area and race!

I wouldn’t consider this a course with much elevation, but I wouldn’t consider it pancake flat either. Completely flat races bore me so I would say this is around the minimum elevation needed to keep me entertained. The second leg (the scenic highway part) I think was gradually downhill on the out, and gradually uphill on the back. And then there was one large hill around mile 15 (I think) but it was in town with TONS of people cheering to motivate you up it!

Parking was extremely easy. I had worried because the start was downtown and there wasn’t a specified parking structure. It’s metered parking, but free on Sunday. We got there at the end of the recommended parking time and were still able to easily find a spot only like 5 minutes from the start. We actually stayed at a campground that was on the bike path the course ran on (at the mile 25 marker) so that would be another easy way to access the race if you really didn’t want to drive. It was also easy to escape after the race (we had to leave quick due to other obligations). Access spectator-wise is AMAZING. The whole town is pretty much shut down for the race and the course goes through the center of town 3 times (not including start/finish) for easy access to the course and your runner.

Vermont City Marathon’s race management knows how to put on an EXCELLENT race! It was by far the biggest I’ve run, but also ran more smoothly than most. It’s great how they get seemingly the entire town involved in their race!

Overall I would really like to do this race again with the whole weekend to spend in Burlington. I have never actually run Boston, but living so close I have spectated and participated in marathon weekend many times, and I definitely got the Boston vibe where the whole city becomes about the marathon from Vermont City.

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