• San Francisco,
    United States
  • January
  • 3 miles/5K, 9 miles/15K
  • Road Race

Rory Leigh Correa

Los Angeles, California, United States
18 24
"Get All The Chocolate in San Francisco!"
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Rory Leigh Correa's thoughts:


The Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K/5K in San Francisco is a simple, flat & beautiful out-and-back course that takes you through Golden Gate Park & along the California coast.

Packet PickUp:

Packet PickUp at any #HC15K race is a sight to behold - it's so efficient & technology forward! First, when you register - you receive a pass that you can add to your Apple Wallet. When you arrive at Packet PickUp, you take this same pass & scan it at your designated table. Bib Numbers are given to you at this time & a small little sticker prints out with your name & Corral letter designation - Cool right? The next station is where you grab your swag & then you head on to the Expo booths. Every #HC15K I've even gone to, I can be in & out in less than 10 minutes!


The swag at this event is unbelievable! Nuun is one of the sponsors, so you can always grab a few free packets or a tube. This year, we received hoodies. The women's color is wine & the men's color is black. These hoodies are so comfy & perfect to run in! There are zippered pockets on each side & thumbholes at the end of the sleeve. While I didn't wear it during the race, I wore it home & I've worn it on my daily runs - I love it!

During the race, the aid stations are fully stocked - but there are also Sweet Stations where you can grab a few chocolate chips or M&Ms.

And of course after the race, you receive your iconic blue Hot Chocolate Finisher's Mug, filled with yummy treats: Snyder's Mini Pretzels, a Rice Crispy Treat, 2 biscottis, a Marshmallow, a scoop of hot fudge & a cup of hot cocoa. They also provided plastic bags to keep your mug in for transit. The fudge will eventually cool & harden - so you may want to put it in another container or cup. I used the bottom of our paper cups at the hotel to make fudge cups :).

More Swag: Free Photos, Free Personal Video, Legacy Status.

Course Route/Elevation:

For the run to be in San Francisco, I was expecting outrageous hills - but this course was actually pretty flat considering the locale. There were a few hilly parts, but nothing out of the ordinary. The best part of the course is when you are running along the Pacific Ocean. Words cannot describe it!


This year, the medals got an upgrade! Each medal will be specific to the city you are running in. The San Francisco Medal is the full #HC15K candy bar with bite and the Golden Gate Bridge at the bottom. The ribbon for the medal was double sided.


The #HC15K is a great race for the money. Its fairly priced so that all can participate & for what you receive - its an awesome value. You are guaranteed to make some new friends, get some cool swag & all the chocolate you can eat!

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