Missoula Marathon Comprehensive Marketing

BibRave has served as marketing agency for the Missoula Marathon and Run Wild Missoula for 3 consecutive years, providing comprehensive digital marketing strategy, content development & execution, social engagement, email design & execution, and detailed reporting. BibRave also fully manages all of the Missoula Marathon’s social media channels, including content calendaring, copy and asset creation, posting to all platforms, daily engagement, and detailed monthly reporting. In 2022, BibRave’s marketing efforts led to a sell-out event for the Missoula Marathon in just 3.5 months - the first in almost a decade.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Program Execution
  • Content Creation (Copy/Design)
  • Social Media Management

Retainer Model = Flexible Scope of Work

All BibRave services were performed under a monthly retainer model, allowing the client flexibility to tap BibRave’s additional capabilities to explore, innovate, and create activations tht best suited the event needs. These included pivoting to create custom, long-form campaigns, as well as digital sponsor and community activations - all using the same retainer-based basket of hours.

Beyond the Basic

Innovation and creativity are a major component of BibRave’s DNA, and as a trusted partner to the Missoula Marathon, BibRave developed custom marketing campaigns that went above and beyond basic marketing tactics like price increases and swag reveals. For example, BibRave developed custom campaigns to increase the sponsorship value for Missoula’s close partners through high-quality video content for social channels, increasing engagement and reach for both the race and the sponsor. BibRave also designed and executed a premium travel sweepstakes with the goal of growing the race’s social following on Instagram. The brief and highly-focussed campaign drove more than a 28% increase in the race’s Instagram audience!

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