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"Orlando's Half Marathon"
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The OUC Orlando Half Marathon is THE half marathon to run if you want to run smack in the center of Orlando. All of the downtown greatness of Orlando is seen through the 13.1 miles of the route.

Race started at 7:00am and the weather felt great. Having worn a tech tee and Skirt Sports running skirt along with compression sleeves, I felt that I dressed well for the weather the day brought. I started off with some folks from my Galloway running group. We used 1:1 intervals and I was feeling great. By the halfway point, I felt a bit sore and slowed down, but I think the bricks are to blame. That is the one thing to note about this half marathon, there are a number of brick roads on the course.

Around the 8th mile, I met up with some other Galloway folks and I began running with them, still staying with the 1:1 intervals. It was proving to be a good interval which I felt great running. The bricks were getting to me in the last 3-4 miles, but thanks to the great company I was running with, I pushed through. Before we knew it, the finish line was in sight! It's always a beautiful thing to see after running a long race.

Once I crossed the finish line, I was given my medal by some of my fellow Galloway training program friends who were volunteering instead of running the race. Definitely a nice perk to get your medal from a friend! I received hugs, took some pictures and headed to enjoy the post-race fun.

OUC Orlando Half Marathon puts on a really nice post-race celebration. If you are into beer, it's a plenty, as well as various food to refuel with. It's nice if you're a local because I know a lot of folks that ran it, so we had a great time chatting in the finishers area.

If you are seeking a race that really shows off downtown Orlando and want to run more than a 5k or 10k, consider this half marathon. Just be sure you are prepared for the brick roads of the older parts of Orlando. :)

Check out the race report I wrote on my blog for this race:

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