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This is my first time running a full 26.2 marathon. I have ran numerous halfs and have been a spectator with various cheer squads. I finally took the leap last year (2018) to apply for lottery and I got the notification in December of 2018 that I got it! I was extremely excited and knew that I had to start training because I want to give it my all for my first marathon. I knew the course very well even when they changed it slightly 3-4 years ago. The route itself is like 98% flat, minus a few bridge hills, the worst hill is the Michigan to Roosevelt Hill. I call it the hill of death. It is literally the last .1 or .2 miles left to the finish line and once you get to the top of the hill and make a left on Columbus, SPRINT TO THE FINISH. The route takes you through the major neighborhoods of Chicago and the crowd that comes out to cheer are AMAZING, LIKE WHEN I SAY AMAZING, they truly are. I ran without playing any music because the crowd support and their music really lifts your spirit to run even when your body doesnt want to quit on you. Aid stations are readily available, you really don't need to carry your energy gels or snacks because there is plenty at each mile, so do not worry on carrying a load on you on race day. There is literally so much information given to you via my email but its necessary because people tend of freak themselves out or ask dumb questions. TRUST ME, the Chicago Marathon committee does a hella detail job in providing everyone with information. If anyone is debating to do a marathon, make Chicago your first and it will set the tone for all the future ones you do, or make you just want to run in Chicago in general. Its the flattest world major marathon route you can possibly run.

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