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"Great Race for my First Half-Marathon!"
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After losing approximately 200lbs over the past several years I got into running in 2017. Did my first 6k in February and quickly became addicted to running races. There is so much love and support in the running community. Having a race on the horizon keeps me motivated to stick to my health goals and keep running!

I signed up for this race back in May when I realized I could run decently long distances. I've lived in this area for a few years and have seen people do the race every October. And from everything I'd heard it was a great event. It did not disappoint. This was the 23 edition of the race so the orginizers know what they are doing. There are no other race distances run so everything is geared around the Half-Marathon.

The "city" it starts in is San Luis Opispo, CA. Population 50,000 (it swells to around 75,000 with the Cal Poly students). The race starts downtown and runs South. Eventually going into Avila Beach and then ending in Shell Beach (which is technically part of Pismo Beach). Start time is 7am on a Sunday. Parking is easy because the streets are mostly empty. It's a point to point race so if you don't have someone to take you back they provide shuttle service and bag drop. There were 5 water stations every few miles with port-a-potties at all of them. And 3 of the water stations had electrolyte drinks. There were supposedly gels available too but I never saw them. (I didn't use them anyway)

There are lots of volunteers along the course and it's well marked. The proceeds of the race go to benefit Cuesta Community college athletics so I think a lot of those athletes come out to volunteer. The weather this year was cool and overcast. Perfect for running! The race ends along the Pacific Ocean. You can't beat the view.

I finished in 2hrs 8min 40sec. When I originally signed up I set a modest goal of two and a half hours. This is a race I plan on running every year as long as I'm in the area and can physically do it. It was a great experience! About the only complaint I have is the packet pick up the day before. Not much swag other than the t-shirt. And they didn't even give you a bag to put your bib, shirt etc in . So it was kind of awkward holding all that stuff walking back to my car. You do get two free beer coupons if that's your thing, lol

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