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First Tokyo. Finding the start was more of a cluster than it needed to be in part due to the confusing layering of streets near the Tokyo Metropolitan Building complex, which has several elevated walkways/bridges over the ground level street. Same for the finish, which sent runners into different and scattered finishing areas based on their bib color. After gear-check, had to walk several large city blocks before being allowed to change into my own clothes. Granted it was inside a building with heat, but it was quite uncomfortable walking in sub-50 deg weather immediately post-race. I'm sure there's good reason for it, but I was hoping the finish was in a more inspiring part of the city, e.g. near Imperial Palace, but instead was a fairly nondescript, albeit tree-lined road.

The course doubles back on itself a few times, which could be viewed as a downside, but I actually enjoyed being able to see the elites and other runner friends along the way. Also a positive from the spectator vantage point. The course itself was very fast with a generous downhill the first 5K or so. Otherwise, about as flat as it gets with a few short, nearly-unmentionable climbs over a few small bridge crossings.

Aid stations were sufficiently lengthy to avoid runner-jams although several of the volunteers seemed to have trouble with the concept of holding onto cups until they were securely grabbed (two cups of water were simply dumped on my hand). Pocari Sweat was a fine electrolyte replacsement. Had several whole food (oranges, banana, dried apricots?) that I did not take. Fans were pleasant and generally enthusiastic but not getting overly-pumped up. Lots of Pikachu costumes out there, which was expected and appreciated.

Overall a fast course with plenty of perks with some aforementioned quirks.

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