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"Good Race, Great Support"
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2016 Inaugural Race. Good Race, for a Memorial Day race in Memphis. Sign-up was easy. Expo was at the Peabody downtown which was relatively easy to get to. Expo was very light, but to be expected as it was the inaugural race. The swag was ok, a cotton tee shirt.
Race start was at 7:00AM, which was good because it was very humid. Lots of portajohns in the area, no lines.
There were just over 900 in the 1/2. The first half the aid stations were every couple miles. From Mile 6 or 7 on there was an aid station every mile. Each had plenty of water and Powered, and from Mile 7 on they had cooling towels as well. A huge plus. There was plenty of police help at bay intersections, and volunteers helming directing along the course. Most of the roads were not fully closed so there was some traffic in other lanes.
Scenery was pretty good, went through downtown, on Beale street, by the Civil Rights Museum, then up North and came back along the river. Elevation was relatively flat for the most part, though in some areas there was a slight incline and at M10 the was a large incline as you go over the bridge.
Crowd support in most areas was pretty low, when out up North it got pretty quite, but in some areas and the finish there was good cheering and support.
At the finish there was lots of support in handing out medals and directing.
The post race food was out of this world- donuts, wings, pizza, BBQ sandwich, cupcakes, fruits, powerboats- Plus lots of water, soda and beer for runners. This topped it off!!
The medal was very nice and large and well done, and had a bottle opener on the back.

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