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This was only my second 5k, so I was a bit intimidated by the thought of running with so many people. However, it all worked out fine. My friend and I had a nice time, and we'd do it again.

The 5k course is fairly flat, which is great for a beginner runner. There were two aid stops along the 5k. There were mile markers and there were people cheering for us along the route. The announcer called out names as runners crossed the finish line, which was cool.

The jacket is awesome! I'd love to see them embroider the city on all the jackets, because I think that would really make it special. I'd be interested in a 5k finisher medal. Maybe it should be simpler and/or less city-specific than the 15k one so that it costs less.

A couple things I'd like to see them fix for the day of the race: the aid stations should match what is on the map, and they should be well-stocked for the 5k and 15k. My husband brought my child to watch me race, but we didn't know that the kids area couldn't be assembled due to the weather/safety. Please post info like that on the facebook page or something, so that we can plan accordingly.
Transportation: In Philly, when you start a race that early.... people that use the Regional Rail can't because it doesn't run that early. Please try to work a little better on parking if people have to drive.

The pre-race expo: I agree with Chadd. It was efficiently run and fairly conveniently located (I took the regional rail to the expo because it was a weekday). I wished the expo had some KT tape or massage people. Was also looking for hats that matched the jackets.

Overall, a fun and yummy time!

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