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"Fairly Flat and Fast"
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This race is a good solid marathon without a lot of bells and whistles. It gives you 26.2 miles of varied scenery, dedicated volunteers and only an occasional hill. Sioux Falls is on the eastern edge of South Dakota and not unlike Minnesota in terms of landscapes, perhaps a bit more open. The course is surprisingly scenic, offering some wide vistas, a stretch through the historic downtown, and then through pretty parks and over paved bikepaths and trails. There are some rolling hills, but there are also lots of flat sections. Unlike a lot of Midwestern courses, this one has a fair number of bends and turns, which makes it interesting. And not to worry (and I do, having a poor sense of direction), it is well marked, with volunteers at turns to be sure you are pointed in the right direction.
Starting line was on a track with plenty actual bathrooms. This is a big plus in my book!. This is not a big race, so don't expect a lot from the "expo." And a smaller race means less trouble and hassle getting to and from the start. And there are shuttles for that, which are fabulous.
By the way, there really ARE waterfalls in Sioux Falls, and you really do run past them. This is a pretty special part of the race. It's not Niagra Falls, so don't be disappointed. Look forward to a race in a town of down to earth Midwestern folks who are happy to see you and tell you about what makes their home special. You might just find you agree with them.

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