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"Decent for a Winter Kick in the Butt"
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The good thing about this race is that it is a good kick in the butt if you need something to keep you in gear through the winter. The medals were good, but there were a few issues.

First, the shirts didn't arrive on time. Not something I complained about, and as a local I don't mind having to pick mine up later, but it does speak to organization and I'm sure was really frustrating for some people. Second, the start location can be tough to get to. A lot of races that start in that area suffer from similar issues, but when its cold especially it can be annoying. I know, I signed up for a winter race (and hey, it was 30 degrees, not even that cold), but worth keeping in mind depending on how you get to and from the race.

The location issue is complicated by the late start time. I can think of a dozen logistical reasons to have a late start for a winter half marathon in Chicago, but the late start and location mean that even if you're local, this race+transit is going to creep into the mid-afternoon, a rarity for Chicago races.

It's tough to find good winter races, and this is definitely a viable option if, again, you need something to shoot for. But if you do so, keep in mind some of the things I mentioned above.

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