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"When you're in, you're family"
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RWTB is a small-town race that's gigantic on experience. This was my first marathon in 15 years, and I was rather slow, and toward the end I was struggling! But everyone cheered me on, even those who had finished and were driving out. The whole crowd, from staff to runners to aid station workers to family-and-friend cheer squads, runs with you. That's the feeling you get.
There is a space with rolling hills and they can be murder on the calves, but there are plenty of aid stations run by folks with a lot of experience in runner support, and your needs are taken care of with humor, love, and encouragement.
If you only sign up for races that have a humanitarian goal, look no further than RWTB! Funds raised by RWTB go to help foster kids with Mountain Circle Family Services, especially for the annual PowderQuest program, which teaches kids to have faith in themselves. You can sign up to be a Charity Runner, too, and that comes with some nice extra perks, along with hearty thanks from Mountain Circle!
The course circles the Genesee Valley, and is surrounded by mountains. There's pasture (complete with cattle grazing, deer sauntering through...), forest, a river, and meadows. You might see some sandhill cranes, raptors, and if you're very very lucky, a curious bear. You might be paced by a runaway goat. You might surprise some wild turkeys herding their young along invisible forest trails.
So c'mon over and have some fun - you'll be ever so glad you did!

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