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"Skip this one!"
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The only positive about this race was the medal which was awesome! A Jeannie bottle. But now to the rest of the experience...the expo was really non-existent. There were about 10 tables under a tent. I expected a few hiccups because this was an inaugural race but this was a hot mess. The race time was changed to 7:45 am which is too late for a Florida race. Racers were bused to the start line. The elites were lined up first with everyone else just falling in. No time corrals. Just a colored dot honor system. Because we obviously didn't pay enough to have the whole road--just enough for one lane--you had to be careful that you weren't run over by the faster runners or running into the walkers. And our one lane was crowned. Somewhere the course must have gotten changed because we kept running through random parking lots to add another few tenths of a mile. But the real fun began at Mile 9. On Tuesday before the race, we got an email which had a note hidden about half way down that we "got" to run a few miles on the hard packed sand. Those glorious 3 miles came at Mile 9. We waded through deep sand to get to the water edge. The hard sand was not hard and not flat. Finish line was fine but very long beer lines and cold pizza. I will not do this race again and would not recommend HF#10608

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