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I do a lot of half marathons. I even do a handful of full marathons. And I take them way too seriously. I train hard. I prepare well. And when race day comes, I'm focused. I rarely look at the scenery. I don't take pictures. I don't stop running; I'm focused on that time! So, it's nice to set aside one race a year to just mess around and enjoy yourself. In my opinion, there's no better race to do that at then the BolderBoulder.

First off it's one of the biggest races in the country. There are over 50K runners every year. Many of them are first time, or just casual "runners." It, of course, does bring in a lot of elite racers as well. There's usually an air drop of military members and numerous stage performers. You get to end the race inside the CU stadium, so there are thousands of spectators that are there to watch their loved ones (and you!) as they finish the race.

What's the best part of this race? The spectators! I already mentioned the stadium experience, but the whole course if fun. This is ran in a college town, so they have you run by the different fraternities/sororities. There are people there who offer you things like bacon, donuts, jello shots, beer, free hugs, high fives, and probably many other things. I don't typically partake in this type of offers during normal races, but as mentioned, I do this one for fun. So, I'll take those free hugs, high fives and jello shots! Also....slip n' slides. There are many of those throughout the course. And it's a hoot to jump in while you're in the middle of a race.

There should also be something said for the participants. Many are there in traditional running attire. However, it probably has the highest amount of people dressing up. Since it takes place on Memorial Day, many put on some version of American Flag attire. But, many will dress up as superheros, put on capes, dress "risque" or even wear a mascot outfit. I can only imagine how hot they get! This year, I went as The Flash!

The course is challenging. Though it is downhill at mile 4 (for about a mile and a half), most of the course is uphill. And all of the course is over 5,000 ft above sea level. There are many hills. And there are mountains all around. So, if you are looking for a PR, this may not be the best race for you. And if you're going to train for it, you better hit the hills and/or put an incline on the treadmill. That is the appeal for many runners. But, I know a few people who swore off running because it was more than they were prepared for.

There is no expo the day (or two) before the race. Their expo is after the event itself. There are numerous vendors, all outdoors. If you can locate it, there's a gymnasium where a massage school gives out free massages (I believe 10 minutes), so that's always my first stop. They have Evol burritos giving out free burrito samples and shooting t-shirts out of an air gun. If you want to dance with the cow for 10 minutes, you can get a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich. They have all the big races out there with a booth to sign up for your next adventure. Those are just some of the highlights, but there are numerous other booths to play at.

Last, I'll talk about the t-shirts. They give you the choice as to what "kind" of shirt you get with the race. The race entry fee is designed around your choice of T. For those who want to save money by having a cheap, top with nothing fancy to it, you can have that choice. For those who want to have a memorable tech shirt, that's an option as well. If you are on a real tight budget, you don't even have to get a shirt! They have long sleeve shirts too. I always opt for the tech shirt. And, nearly every year, it's one of the best shirts I get. Those are always in my rotation of tops I wear. This year's race did not have the best one, IMO. But, it's still way better than any other 10K I've been involved with.

Anyway, I'll just say this is a funtastic race! This is my 4th year in a row that I've done it. I didn't take it seriously, but I never do. This is the most fun I have at a race all year. If you have the means to join, I would suggest it. But, run for fun. Run to be a part of the crowd. Run in a costume of some sort. Do the slip n' slide. But, just have fun. That's what the BolderBoulder is all about!

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