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"3 year vet of this race: Would come back every year if I could"
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Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management

I have ran OKC for three years, it was my first, third and forth full marathon. And honestly if I could find a way to run this every year I will do it.

Pros- Race Organization: The race organizers are top notch. In the face of adervse weather conditions this year, they had a plan in place to keep runners safe. We may of had a three hour delay, but they kept racers in the loop the whole time via announcements and social media.

Expo: The expo is very well organized and flows for you to get your bib, your bag, your shirt. The only time I waited was like 2 mins to get my shirt.

Scenery: This course is amazing. From going through Lake Hefner, to when you hit the Nicholls Hills. I truly do enjoy this course.

City Support: Honestly, I do not know a race that gets more city support. Because its the biggest fundraiser for the memorial, you have many lives that are touched by this, people will come out just to support you and make sure you know they appreciate you.

Course Support: They have course support almost every mile. I have never seen a race compare to this.

Bling: The bling is always nice quality

Weather: Weather can be a bit of a pain here, it got raither humid and hot towards the end of the race this year, which has happened the last two years.

T-Shirts: A lot of people I know do not like cotton shirts, they offer others for sale at the expo and marathon runners get a tech finisher shirt

I don't know where the road will lead but I am really proud of being involved with this race. I highly recommend it to everyone

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