• Virginia Beach,
    United States
  • March
  • 5 miles/8K, 13.1/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race

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Whatever you run for, come run with us during the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend. Celebrate your race and the “Luck of the Irish” with 25,000 runners from all 50 states and around the world. Lace up your sneakers, adorn yourself in green and conquer the streets of Virginia Beach, Virginia, on March 20-22, 2020. You’ll enjoy flat, fast and scenic courses along the beautiful oceanfront and recover at our huge finish line celebration featuring live music, ice-cold Yuengling beer and much more.

Randy Birnschein

Evington, Virginia, United States
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"Shamrock - Much more than just a race."
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Randy Birnschein's thoughts:

I FINALLY got to run Shamrock this year, after thinking about it so many times before. My wife's birthday is March 20 and my daughter's is March 18, so generally speaking, Shamrock time shouldn't be my time. This year, the stars lined up though and I was given the opportunity to run as a BibRave Pro.

Many runners that I know have run Shamrock and have all had great things to say. Most of what they talk about is related to the post-race festivities and the SWAG. The course itself is very runnable, but maybe a little boring at times. Honestly, I end up somewhat bored of pretty much every course. The March beach weather is the good kind of cold for a distance race. The wind can be a friend or an enemy. I wasn't in the best shape and ran a 1:36 with not one, but TWO potty stops. That being said, there's a potential for PRs at Shamrock, without a doubt.

Now let's get to the best parts. Part 1: The SWAG! I wasn't able to attend the expo (a friend picked up my packet). She gave me my long sleeved shirt, which I was more than happy with. Little did I know that so many items awaited finishers. Upon finishing, I was handed my bottle opener of a medal, my hat, my blanket and my little bag to carry it all. Yuengling being a sponsor sure helps!

Part 2: The post-race festivities. There is a HUGE tent right on the beach with food and beer ready to go. They handed us various snacks at the finish (bananas, granola bars, a shamrock shaped cookie, etc.) and in the tent was beef stew. The beef stew was delicious but definitely didn't cut it for a hungry guy like me. It'll hold you over but you'll want more, especially if you ran the marathon. You're given 4 beer tickets with your race bib and they had a variety of Yuengling products to choose from (the Porter is my favorite, but sadly they didn't have it). The live music is great and the atmosphere is good too. There's plenty of room in the tent, so you never feel too crowded. It's a great time!

I will certainly be back to this race. My only regret was not arriving until late Saturday and needing to leave Sunday afternoon. This is an all weekend event.

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