The Reaper 30k

The Reaper 30k

The Reaper 30k

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  • Salt Lick,
    United States
  • October
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  • Trail Race

Stacey F

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
4 29
"Almost 20 miles of HILLS! "
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Stacey F's thoughts:

--> The medal and shirt are VERY cool looking.
--> The race website has lots of good info on it about the course and about the race! I'm learning how important that is!!
--> While there was no 'official photographer' one of the RDs was on the course taking photos in two spots. As of this writing, these pics haven't been posted online yet, but I'm hopeful they will be. :)
--> The course was challenging but doable. I appreciated the lollipop route but I do wish it had been more "runnable" overall, however most of the 'stick' of the lollipop was pretty runnable.
--> The course was pretty in several spots and definitely was nice that it was not an entire out-and-back.

--> I know that measuring trails can be challenging but this was most definitely more than a 30K. Every map (even the one on the race website) indicates it's close to 20 miles. I tracked 19.78 on my garmin. Why not just add a little bit and call it a 20 miler?? It's definitely more than a 30K!
--> The location for this race is pretty far away from Nashville and pretty remote. It took a while to get there and once there, nothing was open (not even the camp store). About 5 hours was a long way to travel.
--> There was a little bit of a mix-up involving buying an extra left-over shirt from the race and it left a bad taste in both my and B's mouth. The RDs weren't consistent in whether shirts were available or not and just generally didn't handle the situation well or in a friendly manner.
--> While they were trying to take pics as finishers came in, it was a bit hit or miss, and unfortunately they weren't ready when I came in. Insert frowny disappointed face here.
--> I can imagine that on a gorgeous sunny warm day, the start/finish area would be perfect. As it was, I'd have paid money for the protection of a pavilion! Or to simply be away from the shoreline and the wind. There was also no where to sit after the race, other than on the ground so we wound up back at the campsite by a warm fire!

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