The Goo Run

The Goo Run

The Goo Run

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  • Tulsa,
    United States
  • March
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race


Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
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"The Goo Run Tulsa 5K"
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Sarah 's thoughts:

The Goo Run is a fun 5K. It is similar to a Color Run only they cover you with green slime as you run through the course. This is not a race to do for time, but to do to have a good time with your friends or even your kids. The Goo is a slime like texture that isn't harmful, but sure is messy.
This event travels around different parts of the US so check out their website to see if one is coming to your city soon.
For registering for the 5K you get a cotton t-shirt, (white or black), a bib, a discount on race photos and a finisher "medal". The medal is made of plastic and has green goo in the middle which is kinda cool. The race is a bit pricey so sign up early or look out for their discount codes on their Facebook page.
This is definitely a race to do with a big group of people to make it more fun.
Look up where you can park before you go because on one side of the street, parking was $10 and on the other side of the street parking was free!
There are 5 or 6 stations where they shoot you with Goo and even a Goo waterfall that you run under at the start and end of the race.
There was only one water stop but we went by it twice.
The course was flat but since this is a family fun event, there were a lot of walkers to avoid if you are trying to PR.
The bibs are neat.
Overall this was a fun race to do with friends and to get very messy!
Here are a few tips to help you have the most fun!

Wear a "clean" layer of clothing. And by that I mean, were a pair of shorts and a tank top as a base layer that won't get exposed to the Goo. There weren't any changing areas or showers so we had to strip down as much as possible in the parking lot before we got into the car. Bring plenty of towels.

Wipe the Goo off as soon as possible. The stuff is made out of a jelly silicon like substance and when it dries on your skin it cracks and kinda hurts.

Don't wear your good running shoes/clothes. We had to wash our clothes twice and our running shoes three times. Luckily everything did come out clean.

Wear a hat! It's almost impossible to get Goo out of long hair. So you may want to cover it up.

Wear sunglasses. They Goo volunteers found it to be a personal challenge that if you covered your face while running through a Goo station, that is exactly where they wanted to hit you with Goo. So wear some sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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