That Dam Half

That Dam Half

That Dam Half

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  • Denver ,
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  • March
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
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Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States
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"Colorado 1/2 #1 of 51"
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Irina 's thoughts:

Since I was in Colorado for a ski weekend, I decided to find a race to mark the start of my personal goal of running in all 50 states and DC in 40 months (by my 40s Birthday). It is a lofty goal, so, even though, I couldn't find any trail races that I prefer to road races, I took the Dam Half as my starting point and a good test of how well I can bare the altitude.
Considering my personal goals and the time of the year, this race was a good choice and we got truly lucky with the weather. Despite it being in low 20s F that day, there was no wind, so I was very grateful for that as I was crossing the dam back and forth. I can't even imagine how miserable it could have been on a windy day!
The location was easy to find and had plenty of parking. We picked up our bibs right before the race. No lines and pleasant volunteers made it an easy and quick process.
There were a few tents and most importantly, a tent with tables for complimentary after race massage! I so regret not getting one!
We checked out Sketchers tent, but the price was a bit steep for running shoes bought outside of a running store. Running shoes is something I take very seriously :)
The race was very well marked, had multiple water/Gatorade stations well stuffed with pleasant volunteers (thank you so much for your support!). There were trash boxes close by and I love it when they are places a few yards down from the water station, so you can keep on moving and not litter the course!
I have to admit, never having complete a race outside of PA, MD and NJ, I had no idea how my body was going to perform in the altitude. Since arriving to Dillon, CO, where our ski house was located, on Thursday, I woke up with horrible headaches every morning that lasted for hours and seemed to be immune to Tylenol, plenty of hydration and no alcohol diet I placed myself on. Spending 3 days skiing didn't help my legs rest either. But, considering everything, I felt as prepared, as I could be.
The course profile looked easy enough, the roads were well maintained and mostly clear from ice/snow. I was grateful I didn't need my yaktrax!
The course was very well marked and had (my personal favorite) potter patties! I do have a brilliant idea for race directors: it'd be so much appreciated if the paper rolls were open and poor sweaty runners didn't have to try and claw the paper open while freezing off our behinds and stressing about an extra minute or two lost. It'd be so very thoughtful and so very much appreciated! The little things of convenience can make such big difference!
I started off with a steady pace of low 9 and kept it up for about 2/3 of the course. The race wasn't crowded and it was easy to bypass other runners (or to be bypassed!)
I ran into a BibRave pro for the first time in this race and made sure to wave at the GoPro she had on :) We chatted after the race and that's how I found out about this cool blog space!
By the time I got backup the hill and back on the dam again, my pace lowered to mid 10 and I started to feel my legs tire. The muscles in my hips felt tight. I just reminded myself that this is just a fun 2 hour run on a sunny warmish winter day and kept going.
I exchanged a few encouraging phrases with another runner and we pushed through the last 1/2 mile together. As I sped up, I immediately started feeling cold, the shivers ran through my body, and I felt dizzy. I let myself slowdown and encouraged the other runner to keep going. We could see the finish line and the clock so close (which is always a great motivator), but I knew it's best to keep it safe and slow down than push harder and collapse at the finish line.
No PR set at this race, but, considering that this winter I did more skiing than running, I was pleased with a 2:12 time (a minute faster than my 1st 1/2 in OCNJ past September) .
As far as I was concerned, I met my personal goal of running at a new state, completing a good distance, and making a new friend. And having a blast doing it!
For me personally, running is a way to enjoy life, spend time outdoors, travel and meet new people.
Oh, and the medal was pretty cool too! The shirt was tech material and had ladies cut.

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