Spartan Race Sydney

Spartan Race Sydney

Spartan Race Sydney

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Sydney, Australia
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"The hardest 6K I have ever run! "
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Erin 's thoughts:

Spartan Race really is unlike any other race, especially other obstacle races. This version of the Spartan Race was the Stadium Sprint, so there was less focus on the mud, more focus on cross-fit type obstacles such as the SkiErg, deadballs and sleds.

This was also the first release of The 300 - which was a "ninja-warrior" type course in the last 300m of the course. This was the first view of Spartan Race as you walked through to collect your number & timing chip. Don't watch too much of it though, you may psych yourself out!

They were running about 10mins late by the time it got to my wave start, one thing I noticed differently from the version that I volunteered at earlier this year was that there was a lot more running involved, however 6K around a stadium is hard and long. Oh, and it involves a lot of stairs. One thing that was cool was that you went all over the stadium, from the nose-bleed seats down to the locker rooms and VIP areas.

The first few obstacles started out easy enough, however after a couple of failed ones later in the piece (and the necessary burpees completed) - it started to become exhausting! At this event there was both the Sprint and the Super (12K) event being run, and unfortunately some of the course markings were confusing or easy to miss. I ended up missing a turn off for the Sprint and ended up failing on the Super obstacle (and thus more burpees). Perhaps larger markings next time around help in stopping any confusion.
Once on The 300 - there seemed to be more congestion as there were many different abilities trying to get their way around the course. I was disappointed that the ice bath obstacle was out of action by the time that I got around, it was the one thing I was looking forward to when I was climbing those stairs!!!
Overall, the obstacles were a good mix, although I was stumped at the really hard ones - some crazy climbing contraption and then there was the log leap that seemed to have everyone completing burpees.

It was a hot day and the drink stations were few and far between. Due to the small number of volunteers, most were self-service (which is ok by me) but I think there needed to be a couple more stations (at least just before the beginning of The 300) to combat the sun and heat. I think the limitations were due to the placement of hoses for constant water.

You do receive an incredibly large and heavy medal for your efforts. This also has a metal triangle piece that, if you complete a Super and Beast event, makes one additional medal. You also get a finishers shirt once you cross that line.

Overall, it was a good challenge and I'm glad I attempted it. One other thing to note: It was a little difficult running by myself for obstacles like the high wall, but the volunteers were really awesome to help out where needed. I'm sure it would be a different experience if running with friends.

Cheers to all those who volunteered at the event!!

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