Spartan Race Socal

Spartan Race Socal

Spartan Race Socal

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  • Chino Hills,
    United States
  • January
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Mud/Obstacle Race
  • Event Website

Thanh Tran

California, United States
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"Spartan Sprint Socal"
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Thanh Tran's thoughts:

First Spartan Race so I started out with a sprint. I've done a Tough Mudder before so I've always wanted to compare them. Plus I just love obstacle courses. Unfortunately I had been having a stubborn stomach flu for 2 weeks and still hadn't recovered so I was running this race on an empty tank. So I was pretty proud of myself for even making it through. I ran in the open afternoon group. There is age group and elite for those who are a bit more competitive. I ran with a group of friends and we just took it slow and made sure everyone was having fun, could attempt an obstacle and helped people get through them. I had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend trying it out. I saw a lot of different people doing the races and everyone was helping each other and it was a nice vibe. We actually ended up adopting someone into our group, I think he was 14 so we had him come along with us after thee atlas carry and helped him out.

I think this is a really good intro to obstacle course races. The run is about 3.5 miles with lots of obstacles spaced throughout. I avoided the mud dip one (because I didn't want to swallow more mud and make my stomach virus/flu worse). But aside from that I actually got through all the obstacles myself minus the spear throw. I was reaaallly bad at that one. It's a fun time to do with friends and the shorter sprint distance is good for anyone that isn't ready for a longer distance. If you are super competitive I would recommend doing age group or elite. There was an occasional bottle neck at obstacles. People were mentally preparing themselves for obstacles, or there were just a lot of people waiting, etc.

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