Sky to Summit 25K and 50K

Sky to Summit 25K and 50K

Sky to Summit 25K and 50K

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  • Sky Valley,
    United States
  • November
  • 50K, Other
  • Trail Race

Stacey F

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
4 29
"Amazing doesn't describe this race and this course"
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Stacey F's thoughts:

I don't know what it is about the races coordinate by Run Bum tours. So far I've only ran this one and the Yeti Nightmare Chattanooga, but I'm ready to sign up for every race they offer. The courses are well chosen, the atmosphere is great, the people are nice, the medals are amazing, and it all just has... I don't know.. a lightness about it. Like, let's all not take this too terribly seriously. We're out here to have a good time and check out some amazing views and eat some grilled cheese in a forest. This is one of the rare races that I'd love to run again next year.

Here are my overall thoughts on the Sky to Summit 50K:
--> The overall experience was excellent. My favorite race yet! Favorite race everrrrrrrr.
--> The medal is fantastic and the shirts are pretty great too.
--> The course! Oh my gosh - it has everything you could want: scenic vistas, mountains up and mountains down, single track, dirt road, paved road, sun, shade, water crossings, waterfalls, beautiful trees and leaves. Everything! And other than a couple of out-and-back areas it wasn't just repeats of the same section of trail over and over again.
--> The aid stations were phenomenal. The volunteers were amazing and kind and so helpful. The food was great and I was so grateful for the water! And potatoes. Loved the potatoes.
--> The race takes place in Sky Valley, GA (a resort type community) which was great -- it was easy to get to, parking for the race was each, plenty of places to stay nearby, close to plenty of businesses/restaurants but still felt remote. It was about 4.5 hours from Nashville which places it right on the line of "driveable" for me! But for this, I'd make the drive again.
--> This race offered live tracking through LiveTrail which provided live updates at various scan-check-points along the course. B appreciated the updates while I was running and I loved all the data it provided me later. It kept up with timing from scan to scan (I didn't "lap" my garmin at aid stations so capturing this data was a bonus). It also provided details on placement. I loved seeing how I moved up about 25 spots during the course of the race!
--> You know I'm happy, too, for free race photos that really are super duper high quality!
--> I also appreciated all of the updates, advice and discussion on the facebook group and in the update emails from the RD. Nothing makes me more anxious about a race than dead silence from the RD/organizers in the weeks leading up to a race!
--> As I mentioned before - the Run Bum races really do have a light-heartedness about them that is hard to find anywhere else. Yes, we're all here to run and race and do this super hard thing.... but we're also here to just pretty much go run in a really pretty place. What's the hurry and the big deal and all the pressure and just calm down! I love it.... it equates to no one being super aggressive, no one mowing you down, no one on your heels or trying to push you out of the way. It also equates to a general "this is fun!" mood during the race.

I dunno... none?
OK, if I had to pick one thing: I'd have loved a few more pink flags on the section of gravel/dirt road leaving the Three Forks aid station. True that there's literally no way to go wrong here (there are literally no intersections or trail crossings at all) but by that point I was running alone, getting tired, and seriously: I get lost on a one-way dead-end street. LOL. I was worried more than once that I'd missed a marker or something. :) OH! And a second thing: I'd have paid money for a photographer at the finish line. That's the picture I really, truly wish I had.

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