Silver Moon  Race

Silver Moon Race

Silver Moon Race

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  • Paso Robles,
    United States
  • May
  • 6 miles/10K, 100 miles, Other
  • Trail Race
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Fallon C

California, United States
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"Melting at Silver Moon"
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Fallon C's thoughts:

I first heard about Silver Moon back in 2021 but it was the same weekend I was running a race up in Idaho.
So when it came back for 2022, I was on board. Except it was pricey. I had trouble rationalizing that kind of $$$ for a 10K. The race offered a 10k, 6-12-24 hour, and 100 mile option and a wine walk. The 6 hour was only $10 more than the 10k so I thought why not? Plus the race started at 6pm and ran until midnight which meant hours of running under the full moon. I figured I could do between 3-4 mile an hour and just have fun and enjoy a new challenge. I knew I was in no shape for any form of speed.
I was abnormally sore from a previous race as well as suffering from a Migraine so by Friday of race week I was questioning if I could even do the race.
For the next 24 hours, I went back and forth on DNS’ing, dropping to the 10k or stupidly trying for the whole thing. Did I mention it was supposed to be in the low 90’s at go time? The slightly smarter part of me prevailed and I dropped to the 10k which the race made super easy at bib pickup.
The race takes place at Cass Winery and consists of a 2 mile loop around the vineyards. Dirt road is my favorite surface and I didn’t even need my trail shoes.
The race actually started a little early and we were off on our first loop. The 10k had 3, so slightly shorter than a full 10K. It was 91 degrees. I died 1/4 mile in. I was so damn hot, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that hot before. I almost lost my lunch around mile 5, never been that nauseous at a race before. I would say I walked 99.9% of this “race”. Even walking, my heart rate was in the red for the entirety of the 6 miles. Ouch.
I crossed the finish line and wanted nothing more than an ice cold Coke. I found warm coke at the finish line aid but found ice cold water up in the Barrel Room at the after party for the 10K runners and the wine walkers. I also may have hid in the air conditioned room until I was less tomato red, ha!
The party was still going when I left but all I could think about was a nice cold Frappuccino from Starbucks.
Heat aside, I really enjoyed this race and hope that it comes back to town in 2023, I need redemption.
Also the medal and the towel you get for swag are kind of awesome.

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