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Run For Walk

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
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"Needs to fix some kinks after first time with runners"
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Tim 's thoughts:

I absolutely loved the course. I am ignoring the out-and-back nature of the course of course, but the scenery was great. Like I wrote earlier, there are some beautiful houses in Evanston. The portions we saw of campus doesn't do the campus justices as a whole, but we did still see some cool buildings on the course. I was pleasantly shocked with how picturesque Northwestern's segment of the lakefront path is. I don't know how far south it goes, but to see the Chicago skyline in the distance and running between the campus and the lake was really fun. If you have read this blog before, you know I love running through stadiums. Don't tell stadium authorities but I have ran on the field twice, but this was the coolest experience of the the three times. That was a lie. Nothing is better than running on the field after beating Iowa.


It only takes one time for this to happen for one of the following things to happen:

Use the opportunities to pick up your race packet and t-shirt ahead of time.
Order extra shirts in popular size and hope for a sizable walk-up crowd.
Pack participant-specific race packets so everyone gets the shirt they are signed up for.
This is more for my uncle than me. Surprising enough, there were plenty of mediums to be had, mostly because Northwestern students won't be found on campus for awhile yet. My uncle showed up a little tardy and therefore, missed out on the extra large shirts. This would be fine if he had signed up on race day. You deserve whatever comes your way when that happens. That wasn't the case for my uncle though. He signed up for the race months ago. We made sure that five other people signed up for it. I have had this happened twice to me before and it is ironic that I haven't done either race since. If you pre-register, you should get what you signed up for. In this case, my uncle should be a happier man today with this Run for Walk. Props go to race organizer Shawn Sullivan. He talked to my uncle after the race and was in contact with him later that day.


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