Rock 'n' Roll Madrid

Rock 'n' Roll Madrid

Rock 'n' Roll Madrid

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  • Madrid,
  • April
  • 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Christine Guenther

Spokane, Washington, United States
73 121
"2019 Half marathon"
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Christine Guenther's thoughts:

Part of the RnR series, though I think run by EDP. Registered for the half during one of the RnR flash sales so I paid 19 euro for the half and ended up making a vacation of it. Originally, race was suppose to be on Sunday April 28, but about 2 months before race day it got changed to Saturday, April 27 due to Spanish General elections. I didn’t realize this until Thursday before race day. I feel like there needed to be better communication with this. There was an email at one point, but with RnR, it’s difficult to decipher important emails from promo emails, so it it was it is

Overall, a male>female race (I’d say at least 60% male, probably more). First race where I’ve had an F on my bib indicating female runner.

The Expo: Held at IFEMA, easily accessibly by the transit system. Getting there was easy, figuring out where to go if you’re not local was difficult and put me in circles for a little bit. Some sort of markings on which way to go would have been helpful. Decent size expo, easy to get your bib, bags and shirts. Tech shirts, though I’ll probably never wear it. Local/European races at the expo, plus your typical runner gear stuff.

Distances: 10k, half marathon and full marathon

The Start: needs some work in terms of corrals going off. Corrals 1-3 went off at 850 after the elites, followed by 4-5 at 9:05 and then corrals 6-8 at 920. There groups were let out all at once. I wish they would have done a wave start (wave 1 with a few min break, then wave 2, etc). It was overly congested.

The course: takes you throughout most of Madrid and plenty to see. A little bit of hills the first half, downhill the second half. The first 16-17k, the half and full marathon are together, and then you split off, which helped with the congestion. The Europeans were fast so I feel like it made it harder to actually stay on my own pace. I nearly got plowed over a few times

Water Stops: you get actual water bottles, rather than cups. Double edge sword in my opinion. I wasn’t complaining because the water stops were at least every 5K, so they were fairly far between. Downside is I was trying to not step on them. Additionally, I nearly got pushed over with people trying to grab waters, to the point where I actually didn’t feel safe at a few of them. Gatorade at 1-2 of them, gels as well. Need to look at more water stops and water cups over bottles.

Medical: volunteers on rollerblades the entire race.

The finish: bag of food handed to you at some point, but you had to walk awhile for it, had water, food and Powerade. Medal also given pretty quickly. Fairly congested, even after you got out of the runners only area. Podiatry, stretching area and massages available

Overall: 3.5 stars. Need to work on getting the waves out better to reduce congestion, better communication, especially with date changes, and more water stops on course

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