Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles

Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles

Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles

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  • Los Angeles,
    United States
  • October
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Arizona, United States
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A B's thoughts:

Well... let's start with packet pick up. I signed up for this race because I thought it would be fun to go to and I could hit theme parks, etc. So, as I head the 5.5 hours to LA and start to get to the convention center, I hit major traffic and see signs that it is also comic con weekend... I didn't get any warning of this in emails prior to the weekend. I couldn't find parking, which was $20 and up, so I pulled over and checked the RNR website. NOW there was an advisory to allow for plenty of time, but no parking suggestions. I finally found meter parking two miles away, that had a one-hour limit... running started early.

I made my way to the herd of 10's of thousands of people in garb, protestors telling me I was going to hell, and random people checking out the fiasco. I asked 'security' where to find the appropriate wing for packet pick up, and bless their hearts they had to argue about where to send me. They settled on a direction that was correct, and I did not experience any line when getting my bib. The expo lacked merchandise, and was a bit of an afterthought when compared to places like Arizona, Seattle, Dallas, San Fran, etc.

I ran back to my car, and the meter was at zero, but there was no ticket, so yay. I put in another fifty cents because I'm that guy that felt bad I took too long, and then I drove off... Well, like seven feet before I hit traffic. I passed USC as I headed toward the freeway, and I was excited to tun through the historic Colosseum the next day. I made my drive to my hotel, the Hilton next to Disney, and eventually headed to the park.

The next morning, I didn't know what to expect in terms of traffic, so I left my room at 5am. I arrived in plenty of time, and parking was a mere $20. Ugh... Turns out I had no sense of direction, because post-race, literally couldn't find this place again for two hours. As I parked and headed to the start line, I saw so many cool costumes. Huge men dressed as Disney princesses, ladies dressed as Star Trek guys, and a really tall Marvin the Martian. The costumes were pretty cool, but also dangerous.

As the race began, there weren't the usual waves, instead, it was just a slow bleeding out of runners... seeping from the start line. There was so much confinement in the beginning, it was like running of the bulls. People were falling, costume parts were flying, a huge mess. My poor favorite, Marvin, fell a few miles in and his props went flying.

The aide stations were fine and packed with the awesome volunteers ready to cheer people on. as we went over the overpass, several zombies were there to take pictures or just creep people out. The course was fine but nothing to write home about, sans running outside of the Colosseum, home to Olympics, Rams, and Trojans.

After I finished, I got lost, and not even Google Maps could save me. What's worse, it was so congested that when I did find my car, it was so hard to get onto the freeway to head home. The medal was mediocre, the shirt was Lakers meet Halloween, and all told, well, I won't be back. I'm sure it is fine if you are a local, but I'd rather watch paint dry.

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