• Canton,
    United States
  • April
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon, Relay
  • Road Race
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Mary Lee

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
4 11
"Annual Race!"
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Mary Lee's thoughts:

I have run the half marathon all five years and I'm already registered for #6 in 2019. I've always wanted to "streak" a race and this was my chance! It's also been great to watch the race evolve over the years. It's had some challenges with the construction going on at the Hall of Fame, but that should be mostly behind them as the stadium is now complete. In 2018, the expo was held at the county fairgrounds and that worked really well. Very easy to get to and lots of parking. They had a lot more vendors this year and I hope this continues to grow. This year, the start was also at the fairgrounds and the finish was at the Hall of Fame Football Stadium. There was some challenge shuttling people between the start and finish. This should be solved in 2019 as the start and finish will both be at the Stadium. They are also limiting the field for 2019, so it shouldn't be as crowded as in past years. They do plan to open the field back up in 2020 and the hope is that the NFL Draft will be in Canton the same weekend! That will be a weekend not to miss! The race does go through Canton. Canton is your normal mid-size midwestern town. Neighborhood streets aren't always that exciting to see, but there is a lot of support from the people in those neighborhoods! The course always goes through downtown Canton and the crowd support is especially high in this section. And the Drum Corps International (DCI) Canton Bluecoats are always represented on the course (usually downtown)! I haven't noticed any issues with aid stations. In fact, I've loved them! The course does go through a beautiful park and by the President McKinley monument - which is also beautiful. And it has a ton of stairs up to the top! Those are, fortunately, optional - although every year I see a lot of people tackling those stairs! After the monument, you wind your way back around to the museum and the stadium. In nearly every year that it's finished there, you run around the track then back up to the 50 yard line on the opposite side that you enter the stadium on. As a football fan, there is nothing better than a 50 Yard Line Finish! In 2018, the food was easy to find and plentiful. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the beer vendor (Canton Brewing Company) and they ran out of beer some time around 3 1/2 hours into the marathon. That left a lot of people that ran the full without beer. The RD was not happy and I don't think there will be a repeat of that mishap. The RD is very responsive and whenever issues have arisen, they have been quick to address them. The medals are different every year and always fun and unique! They also have a blanket. I love this blanket...I do have five of them! Some years the shirts turn out to be some of my favorite shirts, but there have been a few years where they weren't the best. And the last few years have had sponsored free photos! Score! Elevation is pretty easy, but this isn't Illinois, Iowa nor Kansas...there are hills. It's also Northeast Ohio. That means you need to keep an eye out for potholes. I know they try to get them all filled, but it's possible to miss some. The other thing about April in Northeast Ohio is that the weather can do literally ANYTHING. It can be freezing, cold, snowing, icy, rainy or even 90 degrees with a burning sun ahead! That's just Ohio. Do your diligence in training and weather stalking prior to the race and roll with it. Again, it's been great to watch this race evolve over the last 5 years and, God willing, I'm looking forward to the next 5!

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