One Run for Boston II

One Run for Boston II

One Run for Boston II

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Mark Villalovos

California, United States
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"An epic non-stop running relay from LA to Boston to benefit the One Fund Boston"
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Mark Villalovos's thoughts:

Participating in One Run for Boston is a life changing experience. This is a grass roots effort led by a few Patriots who live over in England - Danny Bent, Kate Treleaven and Jamie. A wild idea that runners from across the United States would stand in unison and participate in a 24 hour non-stop relay where each runner signs up for a stage to run 8 - 18 miles, all the while passing a baton from one runner to the next covering a span of over 3,328.2 miles. The baton departed Santa Monica CA on March 16th and arrived in Boston, MA on April 13th, 2014.
All runners agree to raise funds which go to the ONE FUND, benefiting those impacted by the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013.
Facebook and Twitter were employed to cajole and implore runners to sign up in the most remote of areas. This year I selected Stage 29, a span of 12.2 miles in the middle of the California Desert - just West of the CA/AZ border. My stage began at 9:30 pm on Tus, March 18th. This remote, desolate span of Highway 62 was quiet as a tomb while a cathedral of stars twinkled to life above me. I was blessed with the moonrise of a near full moon to accompany me on my run. Lit up like a Christmas Tree to avoid being hit by the rare passing car or truck, my loving wife and daughter drove 100 feet behind me in an effort to call attention to the brightly flashing lunatic up ahead brandishing an electric torch.
The camaraderie that is formed with runners running the earlier and later stages on this journey in the days leading up to your run is priceless. I was a single link in a mighty chain of over 2,000 runners who answered the plea to participate in this momentous event, but for that brief, 1 hr, 45 minute shining moment, I was part of helping fellow Americans rebuild their lives after those tragic events.
I urge runners of other stages to share a review of how this relay impacted them.
There was a book that was written about organizing the inaugural One Run For Boston 1 in 2013 which is a fascinating read and available here...

Bravo to the organizers, and standing ovation to all those that participated and/or donated!

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