Monday Night Brewing Westside 10

Monday Night Brewing Westside 10

Monday Night Brewing Westside 10

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  • Atlanta,
    United States
  • December
  • 6 miles/10K, 10 miles
  • Road Race
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Jessica Rudd

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"They weren't joking about those hills..."
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Jessica Rudd's thoughts:

This race organized by the Running Nerds group is advertised as "hilly and challenging" and they weren't kidding. Also, this was the 3rd year so I had friends who also "warned" of the hills. Most races in Atlanta are hilly but I'd say this is the most difficult Atlanta road race I've done. Since I was prepared for it though I think I was still able to enjoy the experience. I only walked the worst hill at mile 8 since I'm pretty sure I hiked that bad boy faster than I could have kept running anyway.

-Packet pickup options for 5 days rotating to several different stores around Atlanta, so it was easy to find a convenient time. However, ALL of the pickup locations are in-town ATL so if you're coming from the 'burbs then it won't be very convenient for you. You can have someone else pickup your packet but there is NO RACE MORNING PICKUP. This is clearly stated on the website and in emails so as long as you arrange for help if needed, shouldn't be a problem.
-Parking: plenty of street parking options, and several businesses have opened their lots for parking as well. Also, the start is pretty close to several highways so it's accessible.
-Facilities: there are several businesses in the start area that opened for the participants to get free coffee, snacks, and use real toilets. They did have some porto-potties outside as well. Even though race morning was warm this year, it's nice to have the option to huddle inside and use real bathrooms.
-Course: despite the hills, I enjoyed visiting westside neighborhoods I normally don't see.
-Post race: 2 full pours of awesome beer, a souvenir pint glass, and really yummy shrimp and grits. Also, since the finish was in a different location from the start, they ported gear bags to the finish and you can change into dry clothes at the brewery.
-Shuttle: they provided a nice shuttle from the brewery back to the start area.

-HILLS! I like hills but I'll put this here just in case someone else really hates hills.
-Aid stations: IMO there weren't enough. I went more than 3 miles at one point without aid. Maybe I'm being picky but I think a road race should have aid at least every 2 miles. Also, each aid station was pretty sparse: 1 table with some water and Gatorade if you were lucky (I'm a mid packer and they had already run out at several tables by time I made it through). This race may "only" be 10 miles, but it's more difficult than most half marathons I've done. With that in mind I really think the aid stations should have been better stocked.
-Course: Yes, I know I had this in the Pros section. However, there were several stretches of the course on very busy, narrow roads with no shoulder. They used cones to mark off a 2-ft wide section for the runners. Honestly, if you ran too close to the cones you could easily be run over. Also, the road itself was in really bad condition in some sections and bad obstacles, i.e. potholes, were not marked at all. In some of the narrow sections there was no room to run around the obstacle unless you ran into traffic. This section was probably 1/2 mile and it was at the end but I still think they could have closed off that section of road or routed around somewhere else.

At the end of the day, Running Nerds is a small club that puts on a great, popular race. The difficulty of the course should be reason enough for people to give it a shot. Some improvements could be made but I think they'll continue moving in the right direction.

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