Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

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  • Minneapolis,
    United States
  • October
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 10 miles, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Thanks for visiting our Bibrave profile! We're planning for an unforgettable, 38th annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend. Take part in a a celebration of health and fitness in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota!


St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
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"Shortcut to the Capitol"
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Brad 's thoughts:

The TC 10 is such a popular race, you have to enter a lottery just to get a spot. When combined with the TC Marathon, it's the single largest gathering of runners and spectators in Minnesota. Twin Cities in Motion does an awesome job planning and putting these events on.

This year, due to a mudslide along the river road, the 10 Mile course was changed slightly. Runners went on the University of Minnesota side of the river. A lot of runners didn't realize there is a painful hill on that side of the river. It's between the mile 2 and 3 mark of the race, so it's early enough to power through - but I'd bet that a lot of runners hoping for a PR weren't able to make up for time lost battling this hill.

A big gaff came up early on when the pace vehicle for the elites took an incorrect turn. The first mile was about .14 miles short (nearly everyone's GPS device confirmed this), but it wasn't confirmed until after the race when TCM came out and apologized. I have to give them credit for owning up to the mistake and apologizing, but it still is a little disappointing that a race of this size could have a problem like that.

The course is beautiful. Following the river, then turning down Summit Avenue for a straightaway, cruising past the Cathedral, down John Ireland and finishing on the steps of the Capitol. The course is challenging, but it's fun. It's a lot of awesome scenery packed into just 10 miles. The TC Marathon has even more sites to see, such as the chain of lakes, and Minnehaha Parkway.

The race swag isn't anything to write home about. This year was a short sleeve neon yellow Brooks technical t-shirt. The medal is always cool.

Parking for the TC Marathon and TC 10 can be a bit of a struggle. I paid $15 to park in the Sears parking lot near the finish line, and took a shuttle to the start. The TC 10 starts at 7 AM, which means I was at Sears near the Capitol at about 5:45. It was a very early morning, but it was necessary to get a parking spot. You're not only competing for parking with other TC 10 runners, but all the TC Marathon runners, as well as the spectators for both races. It's a lot of people to compete with.

Overall, the TC is an awesome race, and one I'd strongly recommend for any runner. It's the perfect distance - one that elites and novice runners alike can make a challenge of. It the TC Marathon isn't your style, the TC 10 should absolutely be on your to-do list.

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