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  • November
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Angie Maske-Berka

Iowa, United States
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"More Miles in Madtown"
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Angie Maske-Berka's thoughts:

The 2019 event took place on Sunday, November 10 at 7:10 am. (The full marathon started at 7am, and the wheelers started 5 minutes before each distance.) It was overcast, temps in the 30s and it was windy.

The race is part of a race series. You can complete distances at the spring "Run Madtown" events to earn an additional medal.

Registration: This is available online, and closes a few days before the race. However, you can register at the expo the day before the race. The price increased as race day approached. Included with my registration was a personalize bib with timing strip, a long sleeve gender specific shirt (very soft), along with a bag of flyers. Challenge participants received an additional long sleeve cotton shirt, a challenge sticker and a reusable bag.

Expo/ Packet pick-up: The expo was held the day before the race at the Monona Terrace. It's an event space, parking is attached for a fee. If you wanted to walk, you could park downtown and pay less. The expo was the only place to get your packet unless you paid extra for race day pickup. Someone else could have picked up your bib if you had a copy of their ID.
The expo space was small, but because everyone was into the smaller area, it felt busy. Many area vendors. These events always have a photo opp, a timing chip check and hydration stations.

Pre-race: The race starts and finishes at the Capital, which is the heart of Madison. Surprisingly enough on street parking is free, just blocks from this area, but arrive early before the roads are closed. Gear check was set up, and you could use any bag, just had to attach the number from the bottom of your bib. There were a long line of port-o-potties set up, with minimal wait. An information tent was near the back of the corral areas.

The starting corral was fenced off and back fed, so if you wanted up towards the front, you had to walk through everyone. There were pacers available to line up according to your pace. The marathon started first, with the half 10 minutes later, so you had to pay attention to what you were lining up for and where you were seeding yourself, as the corral system was the same for both race. There were some announcements and singing of the National Anthem.

-Terrain: The entire course is on pavement. There are spots that are new smooth asphalt, but other areas with potholes, nothing major, just pay attention. I also noticed some banked roads.
-Elevation: Madison has hills, they were on this course, the biggest being around mile 8-9.
-Photographers: on the course, and photos were posted the next day online FOR FREE!!
-Aid Stations: There were plenty of hydration stations on course, each had Gatorade- lemon lime, and water. It was water, Gatorade, water at each stop. Very organized! The Volunteers were vocal as to what they had to offer. I did not recall seeing any gels or food on the half course.
-Spectators: There were a few here and there, some fun signs.
-Volunteers:Friendly people on the course, there were law enforcement at the major intersections helping cars across the streets.
-Course markings: Each mile was marked with a sign. There were cones on the roads that were open to traffic, closing off just parts of the roads. Arrows were taped down to the roads at the turns.
-Race tracking - App available to download to track runners
-Scenery- This course is near the lake and through residential neighborhoods.

Finish/Post Race: The starting area is the finish chute, so the arch with a timing mat are easy to spot. Once across the line, a volunteer handed you a medal. Then you were handed a bottled water. If you wanted a foil blanket you could get one. Then a photo backdrop. Then there was the post race beer tent, you could exchange your bib ticket for a Mich ultra. (The area also had soda.) Then you keep walking to grab the post race food. The options were new for 2019: chili, mac and cheese or brat with potato salad - then you could grab a cookie. There was a table to snag a chocolate milk.
Then after you exited the finisher chute you could go grab a challenge medal at the gear check tent, or listen to some music under a tent, take some post race photos or purchase race merchandise.

My Race: I didn't have a huge goal, but to finish. I was committed to the medal, as it was year three of a 4 year medal series. I was also in town as the Hawkeyes played at Camp Randall the day before.

I really had a good race. What this means is I came across the finish line feeling good.

I say this every year - I really do not care for this course. There are a lot of things to see in Madison, and this course lacks those things. However, the course is different than the spring event, so you are not running the same thing. You do get some cool views of the lake.

I finished with a time near 2:18 on my Garmin, I'll take it. I caught up with a fellow pro in the first mile and chatted with them. Some locals saw my Hawkeye hat and chatted with me, thanked me for running in their town - and I heard lots of Go Hawks. Madison really is a cool place unless it's game day.

I appreciated the new food lineup for this year as I did not eat anything the entire race, just drank Gatorade. Also new was the option to purchase a non Mich Ultra. I don't care for it, so I asked for a soda this year, which was apparently for under 21.

Overall: As I said, Madison is a great place unless it's game day. They do a great job with their running events. I will be back to get that 4th medal.

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