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Lisa Perry

ABINGTON, Pennsylvania, United States
10 14
"Best loop race around!!"
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Lisa Perry's thoughts:

The race is held on a 3.75 mile loop on a paved path around Cooper River Park in Pennsauken NJ. The course is mostly flat and you will run as many loops of it as you can/want in 12 hours or 24 hours. I decided to run the 12 hour race and it was my first time ever running this far or long in my life. My friend had run the year before and convinced me to sign up. Most of my friends that don't run thought i was crazy but was really looking forward to this race. You can bring whatever you want to keep at the start/finish area because each loop brings you back there. The thought of not having to carry a ton of stuff while I run appealed to me big time. I ended up buying a plastic tub to store my fuel, extra shoes, socks, body glide, sunscreen, etc all race day essentials and then also brough a cooler with a ton of ice, extra water - plain and others that I added my tailwind too. The ice really helped out big time on race day as it was SUPER HOT! The race itself also has an awesome aid station at the start/finish filled with many different types of hydration and a ton of good food (bananas, pretzels, chips, PB&J, cookies, gels, candy, oranges, etc) and then one halfway around the loop with just hydration. Bib pickup was either the night before at the local runnign store or again on race day before the start which makes things super easy. I went over with my friend and then my hubs was going to then take me home at the end of the race. Race started at 7am sharp so we ended up getting there about an hour early to get ourselves ready. One of the nice parts about this race is that it's your race, you can run as many loops that you want in the time frame. You could hang at your area for as long as you like to after each loop was done. For most of my loops I stopped back to my area to fill up my water, make any changes to what I was wearing if I needed to, grab more salt tabs or food, if i could eat at that time. You could also then see others that were back at their area and wish them well. It was so awesome to feed off of other runners energy or cheer them on when you knew they needed it knowing that when things got hard for you someone else would be there to lift you up. I did what I needed to do to survive this race and I loved every single minute of it! I highly reommend this to anyone that is interested in running a loop or certain amount of time for an ultra. The race was very low key and overall one that I plan on doing every year that it's available. For your entry you get your bib, which by the way has a nice personalized positive note for you on the back, a t-shirt and a medal. Depending on how many loops you do you get a skeleton charm to attach on to your medal when you finish. For 1-9 laps you just get your medal, for 10-14 laps you get the bronze skeleton, for 15-19 laps you get the silver skeleton and for 20+ you get the gold skeleton! I ended up with 15 laps so I scored the silver one!

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