• Chicago,
    United States
  • July
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 13.1/Half Marathon
  • Road Race

Brandy Talamoni

Schaumburg , Illinois, United States
5 8
"It was an ok race didn’t really feel like rock n roll and hyped like I thought "
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Brandy Talamoni 's thoughts:

I guess heading the name rock n roll I expected there would be more music on the course. We didn’t see or hear any bands till mile 3. I feel like one of the timing mats were off as well. I remember hitting the 3 mile marker and running and feeling like the 5k split was taking forever and according to their time and my 5k time it was a couple mins off. I know my watch was .1 ahead but I hit it in 38 and they said I hit it in 41. Weird in my opinion.

They made it seem like there would be Gatorade at all water stations but we didn’t get any till mile 3 when the course met up with the half marathon people. The water at those stations was so hot it was better off just splashing it on your body instead of drinking it.

We passed two bands at the end one near mile 4 and one close to the finish. I guess this didn’t seem rock n roll to me. It was my first one.

I hope the half had a better time but I feel like they kinda dropped the ball on the 10k like meh they aren’t going as far.

Also not sure how they lined us up because I was behind a bunch of walkers at the very beginning like at the start line and had to remind myself not to weave in and out.

Gear check went well. Was just under tree though thankfully it didn’t rain on anything.

They did have chips, granola, pineapple juice and some hot boxed water when you finished and finished pictures.

There was also beer I didn’t see any food I ended up just walking over to dunkin to grab a bite. I hope this race gets better for the 10k. A lot of people don’t want to run longer distances in the heat and we should treat any distance no matter how long, like they are all rockstars.

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