Hot Chocolate Indianapolis

Hot Chocolate Indianapolis

Hot Chocolate Indianapolis

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  • Indianapolis,
    United States
  • March
  • 3 miles/5K, 9 miles/15K, Virtual Race
  • Road Race
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Mark Davidhizar

Elkhart, Indiana, United States
55 81
"Shortened race "
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Mark Davidhizar's thoughts:

This was a planned 15k race but due to a incoming snow storm, the race was shortened to a 5k race. This was announced the day before on social media, emails, and at the expo. There was no way that anyone registered to run did not get the message.
The expo was help at the Indianapolis Convention Center which is easy to get to. Due to a volleyball tournament going on in the convention center, parking was not as easy to find but after parking a couple blocks away, it wasn’t too bad. The expo was fairly small and at the time was somewhat dead. Not many people were there yet so getting my packet was quick and easy. There were a few vendors present as well as a couple races.
Race location was at American Legion Park. Parking was easy as you could either park on the street or in a garage a couple blocks away. I parked on the street right by the park. 3 hours of parking only cost me $2.75. A lot cheaper than other cities.
The race started at 7:15 and it was still dark but the streets were well lit and the streets were also mostly pothole free so it was good. The only issues was the snow that had started so it was getting a little slick. The course was nice at it featured a lot of sites of downtown Indy, especially Monument Circle. There was one aid station on the course that had water and Nuun. I passed it up due to the short race and cold temps.
With the weather being so poor, the post race party was pretty dead compared to other cities that I have been to.  I think most everyone was ready to get home before the roads became worse after the race.  But every runner who came out, got their hot chocolate and fondue.
One of the nice things that the Hot Chocolate Race has done for those who were registered for this years race is offer everyone a 20% discount for next years race due to the disappointment of the 15k race being shortened to a 5K. Not something that they had to do (remember, we all sign those forms saying that if a race is shortened or canceled there would be no refund) but its nice they have made the offer to get everyone to come back in 2019.
The date has already been set for the 2019 Indianapolis Hot Chocolate 15k.  It will once again be in late March.  Right now, registration is already open, so now is the time to sign up for the lowest registration fees.

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