Graceworks Turkey Trot

Graceworks Turkey Trot

Graceworks Turkey Trot

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  • Franklin,
    United States
  • November
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K
  • Road Race

Stacey F

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
4 29
"First time for the 10k.... needs a little reworking...."
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Stacey F's thoughts:

Would I recommend this race..... ehhh... I'm leaving this as a "yes" but what I really mean is "maybe". Here's the rundown from the 2018 race and the first time that this race added the 10k distance:

--> The race shirt is pretty nice and is one I'd actually wear to work out in.
--> The race was chip-timed, which I always appreciate.
--> I was grateful for the early start time for the 10K but honestly more time between the races was needed.
--> I was grateful for the police closing roads and directing traffic, but again, more was needed.
I actually had a pretty good run, all things considered, but as always, have thoughts on what needs to be changed/improved.....

--> For the 10k, crossing over Baker's Bridge was a HOT MESS once the 5K started. They had ZERO crowd control and those 5K'ers couldn't have cared less that the 10K'ers were running uphill, into the crowd, and were in mile 5 of their race. An additional lane is needed or additional volunteers/police to keep the lane clear for the 10k runners. Or, better yet, change the timing or the course! I nearly collided with at least 2 dozen people and started yelling YOU HAVE TO MOVE OVER every time I was about 2 inches from plowing straight into someone.
--> The finish area was a mess. Who ever thought "you know what, guys, let's have TWO races happening at the same time and have them cross the finish the line from OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS and see what happens!!!" should be banned from planning race courses forever. It just created a second collison course that was semi-dangerous as 10k runners were trying to (yet again) plow through a crowd of runners that were oblivious! Though this time, as an added bonus, spectators were milling around too!!
--> Having packet pick up inside before the race was OK (and kind of nice that we were out of the cold) but having the food/awards inside after the race was a BAD IDEA. The space was just simply too small and it was a big mess of people and lines and you couldn't tell who was in line for what and you had people coming out of the gym with arm loads of bananas and water to deliver to people who couldn't fit inside there with the crowds.
--> No port-a-potties available at all. I mean, really, guys. Once again, who ever thought: "oh the 6 stalls in the women's locker room (and I guess 6 in the men's? I'll never know) will be sufficient for a race this size" made a bad decision. I think for a race this size some port-a-potties should be a necessity.
--> Navigating out of the parking area was a bit of mess as well. I think (if this race continues to grow in size) they're going to have to rethink where the start/finish is and where people should park. It's ironic that an enormous mall parking lot is sitting right there, empty and it's not being utilized!

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