Exuma Marathon

Exuma Marathon

Exuma Marathon

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  • Exuma,
  • November
  • 1 mile, 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon, 50K
  • Road Race

Christopher McManus

Afton, New York, United States
41 17
"Great Island Race!"
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Christopher McManus's thoughts:

Overall: Not your typical race but definitely not one to pass up! This was a great race to explore Grand Exuma and parts of Little Exuma, while running a race that benefits the community that you’re running through.

Swag: I got a ton of swag from this race, a lot more than I was expecting! We got a shirt of bottle from a sponsor, a stuffed pig which is their mascot, a plastic cup, race tech shirt, medal, draw string bag, and a pen.

Aid Stations: There were 13 or 14 aid stations for me as a Full Marathon Runner. Since the race was an out and back, I hit each one twice except the one at the turnaround. The aid stations were stocked with water and gatorade. They were bottled verse in big coolers which was awesome because that meant that I got to take an entire bottle of water. It was 82 degrees at 4AM before the sun rose, so hydration was a necessity.

Course Scenery: The course started in Georgetown and headed down Queen’s Highway to Little Exuma. There was enough light at the race start for me to see that there would be some great views once the sun came up, but I couldn’t see them yet. For example I knew I was running by water because I could see the shoreline but I could see much of the salt lake because it was too dark, or even know that it was just a salt lake and not the ocean. I hope that makes sense. There was lots of foliage long the road which was pretty. Crossing the bridge to Little Exuma was one of the highlight because the bridge went over the salt lake which retains a lot of heat.

Expo: I cannot attest to the quality of the Expo because I have my packet picked up for me as a perk of the trip.

Elevation: There were a few minor hills on the course but nothing crazy. The hills were mostly in Georgetown proper, aka the beginning and end of the race.

Parking: Not much to say about this since I had transportation to and from the race. However there was a big parking lot at the race start/finish line. So those that have a car will have plenty of space to park.

Race Management: This was not a closed race, meaning that cars were still driving next to us. This was a bit nerve-wracking. However signage for the race was posted all up and down Queen’s Highway, so all the cars definitely knew that we were on the road. They gave us a good safety briefing before the race about where to expect the aid stations and turn arounds. They also provided us with glow sticks to put around us so that any cars could see us. The local police also lead the way for the runners and would warn upcoming cars to slow down for the runners.

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