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  • May
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  • Trail Race


Ft Collins, Colorado, United States
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"Low-key, not too girlie"
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Stacy 's thoughts:

I have to say upfront that I usually avoid all-women's events at all costs. Blame it on an unrewarding and unfulfilling triathlon experience many years ago that's stuck with me. But, I grumbled and growled and signed up for this race anyway because I needed to do the 10-mile distance for training and I needed to do it this weekend. I have to say I'm glad I did, as I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and by the course.

This is a very small race, there were somewhere around 200 people total, with just over half of those in the 10-miler. The course was run entirely on a public trail system and was mostly hard-packed dirt with some paved sections. It was narrow in a few spots and I got blocked in a few times in the first couple of miles. Eventually, everyone spread out and it was very pleasant. The trail was almost entirely slightly rolling hills. There weren't any flat spots to speak of. The 10-mile course had a nice climb right at the 5-mile turnaround loop, but not anything killer at all.

The atmosphere was low-key and fun. Since I did this for training and I wasn't intending on PR'ing or competing in any way I was happy that it turned out to be a nice mellow event. I overheard other folks talking about how they were also training for marathons, half-marathons and even an Ironman. The on-course support was good, better than you have with most non-road races where the space is tight for setting up tables with volunteers. The tables were well-stocked and the volunteers were all grown-ups who were very efficient.

The race organization was top-notch, particularly for such a small event. The starting line was a little disorganized, though. The 10-milers started first but there wasn't any clear indication of where we should line up and where 10k and 5k folks should be. But, the start was dead on 8.30 as advertised.
The race started and ended right at the Westin hotel so the parking was no problem at all and there were real bathrooms to use in the hotel's convention center with no lines!

I'd recommend it and run it again.

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