Chupacabra 10K & Half Marathon

Chupacabra 10K & Half Marathon

Chupacabra 10K & Half Marathon

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  • Huntsville,
    United States
  • August
  • 6 miles/10K, 13.1/Half Marathon
  • Trail Race

Stacey F

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
4 29
"Death Trail... they weren't joking!"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management
Stacey F's thoughts:

This race sucked. In a good way.. but it still sucked. HAHAH!! I guess that's how you're supposed to feel after a trail race, right?! I am sore and tired. My legs are tired and my eletrolytes/energy/will to live is depleted.

Pros -

* The medal is awesome and the shirt is cute. One I'd definitely wear.
* The course was very well marked and there wasn't a confusing part or intersection anywhere.
* Parking was easy (we were able to park within steps of the start/finish)
* The race wasn't super expensive.
* It was a small field of runners (300) and that's definitely about the right size.
* Every runner I met, talked to, ran with, passed, or who passed me was super friendly and not aggressive at all. I so appreciated that. It made a difficult course a lot easier when people weren't right on your heels or passing you with very little room.
* This race is close enough to Nashville that you can drive down on the morning of the race (though it does mean a super early alarm!)

Cons -

* There wasn't much food to be had post-race. I guess bananas and gatorade is the standard fare though. I need to start the trend where there's some guy making popcorn or kettlecorn at the finish line and everyone gets a hot bag of all-you-can-eat popcorn. I mean.. isn't that what everyone wants? Hot and salty? I do. Or maybe a baked potato guy. A career to think about! hah
* I know it's in the "trail runner's nature" to make a course as difficult as possible, but that hill - the "death mile" at the end was SO unbelievably hard. It humbled me about 60 times over. I would have given my kidney to divert the course to a flat or downhill for the last mile. Smashrun rated this course as a "10" for elevation difficulty!
* Zero photographers. :( They did create a little race video of the start along the park road but there were no photographers anywhere on the course. I love it when there are - especially when it's a course that is difficult to spectate at and/or when I'm at a race alone.
* I totally get that volunteers are hard to find (and am totally grateful to the people who volunteer their time and energy to man aide stations - it's awesome!) but the folks at this race needed a little bit more info than they had. One station wasn't sure if they were the second or third aide station... another didn't have any sort of first aid kit on hand nor knew the exact location of where they were (to provide this info to EMTs trying to find the spot). The people were kind and friendly and supportive, but just a handout of the basics and a map and some bare bones information would have probably been very helpful!

Oh, and one more Pro --- there are SO MANY trails in the park! I had no idea! We hit up the Sinks and Stone Cuts loop after lunch and it was so pretty! Definitely want to go back and explore!

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